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The #1 Item You Need for Moving as a College Student

As the spring semester is coming to an end, students are beginning to pack up their things and head home for the summer, or into a different apartment, dorm or house. No matter where you are moving to this summer, you are going to need items to help you get all of your stuff from point A to point B. 

Instead of using trash bags or bulky bins this year, try the Frakta Storage Bag from IKEA. These bags are large, so they are able to accommodate many different items, from duvets to shower caddies. They expand to be the size of a long rectangular box, but are compact for storage after moving, because they fold flat and the material is thin. 

The Frakta Bag comes with two different carrying handles, two standard bag straps on the front, and two backpack straps on the back; so no matter what you are carrying or who is carrying the bag, there is easy transport. 

They are also extremely cheap - for only $4.99 each at IKEA, your money will be well spent, since the material is 100% polypropylene, a strong and durable plastic that does not wear down over time and does not have adverse effects to any cleaning materials. Simply rinse with lukewarm water if the bags get dirty, and they are good as new. 

The product is also partially sustainable, according to the IKEA website. The material is recyclable and can be used for energy recovery in available communities, meaning that when you have finished using them (which will be well into the future, since they are so helpful for every move), you can help give back to the environment. 

To purchase them, you can either buy them in person at an IKEA store, online at their website, or on Amazon, albeit for a slightly higher price. 

So, stop throwing your things into your car willy-nilly or spending your money on cardboard boxes that you will just throw away after one use, and instead invest in these storage bags, which are easily storable, moveable and recyclable. Happy moving! 

Ellie DeBeer

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