Save Money While Savoring Your Meal: Dine with

To savor, as Merriam-Webster explains, is to “taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.” And what’s a bigger enjoyment-killer than an end of the meal check you need a payment plan to afford? Aside from a fly in your chardonnay (thank you, Alanis Morissette), nothing. However, with, you can now save money while completely savoring your meal. 

How is this different than, say, Groupon or Living Social? On your typical deal site, a restaurant might show up where you pay a certain dollar value that translates into a greater dollar value to be used on your bill ($10 for $20 worth of food). takes food and drink deals to the next level by offering a 30% off your bill for a standard $10. 

Why is this so awesome? Let’s say you go out to dinner with 5 of your girls and the bill comes to a total of $150. Discount the 30% you guys saved with (down to $105) and add the $10 you paid for the deal-call the total bill $115. This means you saved a total of  $35, as opposed to the $10 you would have saved on your average deal site. Need we say more?

The oh-so-savory perks do not stop there. You also have the control to book your deal based on reservation, A.K.A no more unused coupons sitting around in your inbox. Also, these discounts include the real wallet hijacker-alcohol. Unfortunately, Massachusetts laws do not permit discounted alcohol sales, but fixes this problem by offering 40% off your meal for the same $10. Simply wonderful.

Check out to see how you can enjoy your food and drink in Boston completely. Yum.