Why Your Parents Aren’t Actually The Worst Roommates

The thought of moving back in with your parents after being on your own in college may sound like a nightmare. Trust me, I get it. We love our parents, but the experience of independence is a fabulous thing. I was super excited to move out for freshman year, but I ended up with a roommate who was less than ideal to live with. So I moved back in with my parents.  I had already gotten a taste of independence and after a short while was ready to go again. Just my luck, I ended up in another bad roommate situation.



So here I am, living with my parents again. Yes, they do always ask me where I’m going whenever I leave and what time I’m going to be back, why I’m heading out so late, and who am I going with (it’s a whole other ball game if they don’t know the friends I’m headed out with). I’m also given the “ look” before being told to be careful. The third degree doesn’t stop, but it’s a little more tolerable now that I’m older. Part of the reason being on your own is great is because you don’t have to answer to anyone. You can operate on your own schedule and most importantly, your own rules.  I’m willing to compromise, here’s why.


My college experience hasn’t been very traditional and my parents have witnessed my struggles first hand. Even though they haven’t attended college themselves, they do what they can to lighten the load.



On days when I’m swamped with homework, I don’t have to worry about dinner because mom has it covered. Let’s be honest,free food is a college kids kryptonite. Did you know sometimes my laundry magically gets done? I do prefer to do my laundry myself because when I get the load back some things are smaller than when they left my hamper ( I know they just want to help).  On the late nights studying, a warm cup of tea and a small snack makes it way near my computer to encourage me to keep going. When money feels a little tight, an extra $10 might appear in my wallet.



Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect. I get reminded four hundred times to do something. I might get slightly annoyed if they “request” that I don’t stay out so late. As someone who is no longer a teenager, I don’t like getting harped on to clean my room. Arguments happen and we definitely get annoyed with each other. When we’re mad at each other though, it’s usually not for long.

Living with your parents might not be the traditional college experience. You might find yourself in a situation where you might have to move back home and I can say with confidence that your parents will be overly enthusiastic to have you back. While you might not feel entirely the same, you might find a different sort of appreciation for your new roommates.