What Thanksgiving Dish Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Turkey Day is here! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; the food, the family, the football, I love it all. I also love reading about my zodiac sign, because no matter how accurate the stars are, it’s still a fun thing to think about. Here’s the perfect mix of the two! What’s your sign?


Aries - Cranberries


Your dynamic and bold personality matches perfectly with the sweet and bitter flavor of cranberries! You may compete with the other foods on the table, but you always add a little something extra.

Taurus - Gravy

You can always depend on gravy to make things better, andTaurus is the most dependable sign. You’re warm, supportive and low-key, just like some gravy.

Gemini - Wine

You are the life of the party! Gemini is lively and expressive, which is how we all feel after a few glasses of wine.

Cancer - Mashed Potatoes

There is nothing more comforting and simple than mashed potatoes. Cancer is all about nurturing and loving, the perfect fit for this simple comfort food.

Leo - Turkey


You are the star of the show! Your outgoing and strong personality commands attention, and your generosity helps everyone around you to have a good time.

Virgo - Apple Pie

Virgo’s are all about practicality, and you can never go wrong when bringing an apple pie. It’s sweet, classic, and agreeable, just like virgos.


Libra - Green Bean Casserole


Green bean casserole is the perfect balance of healthy vegetables and fried food, the best of both worlds. The symbol for libra is the scales, so balance is central to a libra. Libras are also social and giving, and there’s nothing like sharing giant plates of food with your family.


Scorpio - Pumpkin Pie

People have some very intense opinions on pumpkin pie, and scorpios are nothing but intense. Pumpkin pie isn’t the sweetest dessert, and scorpios aren’t sugary sweet either. But those that do love you REALLY love you.


Sagittarius - Stuffing

Everyone makes stuffing a little bit differently, you can get as creative and adventurous as you want. Sagittarius loves adventure and are always optimistic.


Capricorn - Dinner Rolls

Capricorns are all about hard work and ambition, and nothing says hard work like making bread FROM SCRATCH. Rolls are a fairly mellow addition to the meal, but they are so delicious on their own, it totally relates to a capricorn’s sense of independence.


Aquarius - Sweet Potatoes


Who came up with the idea to put vegetables with marshmallows? Probably an aquarius, only the most imaginative and original of the zodiac could have thought of that. You have to be open-minded when trying this sweet-treat, and an aquarius will try anything once.


Pisces - New Pinterest Recipe

Pisces are way too imaginative to stick to the traditional. You like to think outside the box, and finding a new family favorite is exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to get creative this holiday season!


Happy Thanksgiving Gophers! Eat lots of pie!