What to do if You’re Staying in Minnesota for Spring Break

Most people think that the best places to go for spring break are far away from Minnesota. Nonetheless, if you prefer to save some money, or go away for a shorter time, Minnesota has amazing gems that we don’t get to discover because we’re too busy with school. Here is a short list of beautiful winter getaways that will save you some money and get you away from campus.


1.     Duluth, Minnesota

Duluth is probably most famous for its views of the north shore of Lake Superior. It has forests, mountains and plenty of cliffs that make for some Instagram worthy views.  Since it is a city, there are plenty of lodging options as well, including Airbnb, bed and breakfasts and hotels.

2.     Stillwater, Minnesota

Stillwater is a great weekend escape. It’s only an hour away from the Twin Cities, so it’s easy to make it a spontaneous trip and be back for work on Monday. It has ice castles going on right now, as well as little antique shops, breweries and the St. Croix river for a great viewpoint. Options to stay overnight are a bit more limited since it is a smaller city, but there are great hotel options such as the Grandstay Hotel & Suites and the Water Street Inn.

3.     Two Harbors, Minnesota

Although it’s close to Duluth, it deserves special mention for being so beautiful. Two Harbors is best known for the Split House Lighthouse. Built in 1910, it has one of the best views of Lake Superior in Minnesota. There are also various options for trails and hiking, as well as beautiful lodges like the Grand Superior Lodge or cottages near the lake, such as Larsmont Cottages.

4.     St. Cloud, Minnesota

Unlike the other destinations on this list, St. Cloud is a big city to visit. Since it is a city, it has plenty of hotels and Airbnb options. It has more touristy options there, like the Munsinger-Clemens Gardens and the Quarry Park. There are also a lot more options for eating, drinking and shopping, such as the Boulder Tap House or Albertville Premium Outlets. Going from one city to another may not seem as thrilling, but it’s just another great place to go explore!


5.     Mankato, Minnesota


Mankato, MN is most famous for Minneopa State Park. Similar to Minnehaha Falls in the Twin Cities, it’s a park with waterfalls and great views. There is also a great option for skiing and snow-tubing at Mount Kato, so if you like sports and adventure, this is a great destination!

Have fun Gophers, and remember, we have a great state to discover here!