The Stages of Cuffing Season

It’s that time of year again...the air is getting colder, snow is beginning to fall and you’re looking for someone to cozy up with and who’ll hide away from the nasty weather with you. It’s cuffing season: the few months of the year between fall and the dead of winter where many of us have an innate desire to “cuff” someone to stay warm with through those brutal months. If you’re unfamiliar with this time of year, here are the stages of cuffing season:

The leaves drop.

The dropping of fall leaves signifies the beginning of cuffing season, as sweaters replace short sleeves, and scarves are added to our wardrobes. You begin to notice the chill in the air and realize your hands would be much warmer if there was someone to hold them for you.

Scouting begins.

Dreams of summer warmth dance through your mind as winter begins to creep in. There isn’t much time, so scoping out your cuffing season prospects is a must. You begin to notice every potential cuff buddy you see: that cutie from your English lecture, your shy, but adorable, lab partner and the oh-so-mysterious one you spot from across the coffee shop.

Who makes the cut?

Winter is coming, and you’re on a deadline. You’ve narrowed down your options, made extensive pros and cons lists of each candidate and chosen the one you want to snuggle up with this cuffing season.

Let the Cuffing begin.

You’ve successfully cuffed someone to cozy up next to, and you can’t wait to get your cuddle on. The mutual body heat, complete lack of desire to step foot outside and insane amount of corny holiday movies on TV will make for a fulfilling Cuffing Season.

You’re Cuffed

The cuddling has been consistent and successfully kept you cozy through the brutality of the winter snow, slush, ice and wind. Your cheeks are rosy with affection, and you’ve officially been cuffed.

What comes next?

If you’ve made it through all of the winter holidays and Valentine’s Day, you’ve made it through the entirety of cuffing season. When the weather clears up and your need for body heat and affection die down, you may decide it’s time to uncuff and let your partner go. Or, you may decide you and your partner can outlast the cuffing season, and turn this seasonal romance into an all-year-round affair.

If you’re feeling the need to latch onto someone to cuddle with this winter, you’re not alone. Winter is the perfect time to pull on your warmest clothes, grab a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and find someone special to cozy up with to stay away from the brutal Minnesota weather ahead.