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Spring Break as Told By Schmidt from New Girl

After a long few weeks of midterms and cold weather, there’s no question that we all need a break. Thankfully, that’s what Spring Break is for. Whether you’re staying home or going someplace warm and tropical, odds are you’re excited for break nonetheless. So, to capture the emotion, here’s how we feel about Spring Break as told by Schmidt from New Girl.

When your friends ask you to go on a trip with them.

When you’re shopping for swimsuits on a budget.

When you see high schoolers at the same place as you.

When your parents ask what you’re going to do on vacation.

When your hottest friend complains about looking bad.

When you’re practicing talking to the cute boy from the beach.

When your friends tell you they want to stay in.

When people ask you in the morning how your night went.

When you’re reminiscing after break with your friends.

Have a fun and safe spring break, Gophers!


Emily Monday

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