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Nutritious Snacks to Eat in Lecture That Aren’t Noisy AF

It’s that time of year again…when you realize you actually aren’t eating full meals and it might be taking a toll on your body. You’re caffeinated, but you’re still tired. You’re stomach is growling, but you don’t have time to cook. You need nutrition. You need convenience. You honestly just need some of the right things in your backpack to fuel your day. But alas, you don’t want to be THAT person loudly munching in lecture. Whether it’s midterms or just another ~crazy~ week, here are some easy to pack, quiet (emphasis on quiet) snacks to get you through the day.  



Although they’re a bit expensive, plain cashews are so soft and yummy. They’re full of good fats and can be used for fun recipes outside just being a snack.

Dried Fruit

Aside from being excellent flavor additions to your morning oatmeal, dried fruit pair super well with salted nuts. I guess, in conclusion, trail mix is a great option.


Soft bread, soft fillings, and a full stomach. Nut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese are great options for quiet sandwiches in class.

Clif Bars

Clif! Bars! Are! So! Wholesome! Plus they just came out with a bunch of different nut butter filled flavors!


Simple. Cost effective. Eco-friendly. Filling. Just don’t put them in the bottom of your backpack.

Those Fruit Strip Things

These aren’t super filling, but they’re pretty nutritious! They are easy to pack and easy to find at places like Target near campus! Another alternative would be fruit snacks. Who doesn’t love fruit snacks?



Any type of jerky has a lot of protein which will satisfy your hunger and you can chose your portion size, because it usually comes in bigger packs.

Energy Balls

I am sure you have heard about energy balls before, and if you haven’t: do you even go on Pinterest? There are so many easy recipes for energy balls and they are all SO. GOOD.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Say what you will, hard boiled eggs are amazing sources of protein. They are soft and small, therefore easy to pack. You just have to take off the shell at home for easy access. Be forewarned though, they may be a little smelly.

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are my ~personal favorite~ because they come in a few varieties (mozzarella, colby jack, pepper jack, cheddar, etc.). They also come in large packs, or you buy them the stick at any Starbucks or convenience store near campus between classes if you’re desperate!


Happy snacking, Gophs!  

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