Millie Bobby Brown Honors Parkland Shooting Victims at the KCAs

Millie Bobby Brown, who has become a household name in the past year, made a major fashion statement recently at the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Brown, who was being awarded Favorite TV Actress for her role in Stranger Things, took the stage in an all denim ensemble honoring the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting.

Brown’s button-down shirt had the names of the 17 Parkland victims embroidered in white on the back. The denim piece also had “March for our lives” written across her shoulder blades, and “Never again” on a pocket on the front of the shirt.


The Kids’ Choice Awards took place on March 24, the same day as the March for Our Lives rally that took place in Washington D.C. and in major cities all across the country.

Brown’s denim outfit spoke volumes, but she took things a step more in her acceptance speech. She used this opportunity in front of millions of fans and viewers as a platform for promoting gun legislation and boosting the March for Our Lives agenda.

“The March for Our Lives demonstrations that took place all over the world today have inspired me and impacted us all in one way or another,” Millie stated. “I get to be up here, and I’m privileged to have a voice that can be heard. One that I can use to hopefully make a positive difference and help influence change.”


Near the end of her speech, Brown even dedicated her award to the Parkland victims, referring to them as “angels among us.”

The Stranger Things actress has been very vocal on social media, speaking out about the #TimeUp and the March for Our Lives movements on Instagram. The day before the Kids’ Choice Awards, Brown posted a photo online with the caption:

“March for Our Lives is an opportunity for us all to stand in solidarity against gun violence. No child, teen, parent or teacher should be afraid to walk into their school or classroom. This is our chance to be HEARD! This is our chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This world needs to be filled with love, kindness and support of one another. No more fear, no more hurt, no more shootings, no more GUNS. To everyone participating in tomorrow’s March all over the country, you have my love, support, strength and encouragement!”

Celebrities using their power at award shows to fight for issues of social justice is nothing new, but the Kids’ Choice Awards typically tends to have a lighter and more upbeat feel. Brown sending her message through her actions show that young people are truly the future of our country. This young actress is making waves, and there’s no end in sight to her vocalization of important issues.