Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your Favorite Movies

Fall is here! Most people hear “October” and immediately think of Halloween. If you’re still stumped on what you want to dress up as this year, check out some easy ideas below inspired by some of our favorite movies.

Risky Business

This one is a classic. You cannot go to a college Halloween party without seeing someone wearing Tom Cruise’s infamous Risky Business outfit.

What you need: a big white button-up shirt, tall socks, sunglasses, boxers, some old school rock ‘n roll.


Mean Girls

Again, another classic. This is a good last minute option, all you need is a hoodie, sunglasses, and a sign!

More Mean Girls

I couldn’t write about Mean Girls without giving a shout-out to the Plastics. Recreate their iconic pink outfits with your Girl Gang!


Sandy’s black outfit at the end of Grease is one of the most fashionable moments in movie history.

What you need: Black skinny jeans (the shinier the better), black off the shoulder top, red heels and some cherry red lipstick.


The Breakfast Club

Need an awesome group costume? Look no further than this 80’s classic. I bet you already have some of these items in your closet.



The 90’s are back! I’ve seen this yellow plaid pop up at Target.

What you need: plaid skirt, cardigan, knee-high socks.

The Matrix and Men in Black

It’s easy to go for the sci-fi look with some suits, sunglasses straight from the ‘90s. If you want to unleash your inner Trinity from The Matrix, LOTS of shiny black material.



If horror movies are more your style you can dress as our favorite possessed toy. Just look at these outfits, pretty sure you could find these looks on an Urban Outfitters mannequin. Add some creepy scars on your face and a red wig (for bonus points) and you’ll be spooking everyone at the party.  

There’s Something About Mary

This classic comedy film makes for a simple costume. All you need is a red dress and hair gel (please use actual hair gel) for this ‘90s look.


Melissa McCarthy’s character in Bridesmaids makes for a super comfy costume.

What you need: a denim button down, black pants, sandals, a neck pillow, headphones, crossbody bag, some excellent one-liners.


The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams was way ahead of her time with her all-black outfits. Style this look with whatever black clothes you have, but don’t forget her signature long braids.


Pennywise has been giving us nightmares for years, but another option from this reboot would be the kids. Another great option for groups, you can recreate your own Loser’s Club. Bonus points for carrying around some red balloons.

Back to the Future

Get ready to layer up with this look.

What you need: red t-shirt, white and blue button-up, a denim jacket, red vest, jeans, white high-tops, skateboard (or hoverboard if you have one).


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Disney princesses have been providing costume inspiration for years, but let’s not forget about the sidekicks! Another awesome group costume with just beanies and t-shirts, you can customize the names to fit your personality.



If you’re skilled with face paint Miguel’s red hoodie and jeans look instantly becomes a great costume. Again, this would be a super comfy option for a chilly October night.


Happy Haunting Gophers!