Gopher Confessions: Valentine's Day Edition


Ah, Valentine’s Day. A time for people to share their love for their significant others, whether it be through gifts, dates or whatever else they can think of. However, some Valentine’s Days don’t go as planned. We asked some of our fellow Gophers to share their best Valentine’s Day stories and we definitely weren’t disappointed!

“In the 6th grade, a boy I really liked brought me a daisy on Valentine's Day. I had a severe allergic reaction and obtained a rash on my palms. I was called "Elmo hands" for the next 3 years.”

“When I was 16,  I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me on Valentine's Day. I confronted him, but I couldn’t end things because I loved him so much. He dumped me 20 minutes into the conversation and then said he had to leave for dinner with the girl he was seeing. I ended up driving him to his date because he only had his permit. It was a low point of my life.”

“I was 15 and at the Southdale Center Movie Theater with my boyfriend at the time. We were seeing The Vow, and we were surrounded by other couples. About fifteen minutes into the movie, right as it was starting to build on the story, a gang fight broke out right on top of us. A man raced from the front of the room, jumping over the railing next to us, to get to the row directly behind us. He used me as a stepping stone and kicked me in the side of my head. I didn't realize I had been hit at the time because there was a screaming girl behind me yelling, "Stop, help!" as she wiped blood away from the man's face who was sitting next to her. The theater lights turned on and the man behind me had been attacked with brass knuckles and mace. I gave the woman my water bottle to help clean up the blood and my boyfriend called 911. When the police arrived they interviewed us, and I told them my head hurt. After visiting the ER and various doctors, it turned out that the man who kicked me and attacked the man sitting behind me had given me a concussion. His reasoning for the attack was that he was mad that the girl he liked was with another man. What a great Valentine's Day story, huh? I got kicked in the head during a gang fight while watching The Vow on Valentine's Day.”

“In 6th grade, my crush asked me to come over and watch a movie at his house on Valentine's Day. I was so excited! When I got there, he had pizza on the table and Flubber in the VCR (romantic, I know!). But soon after I sat down, his dad came downstairs in only his underwear. Only his tight lil' underpants. I was so shocked that I started crying, and my mom had to pick me up early.”

“There was this guy I met during the end of football season my freshman year.  We chatted on Facebook for awhile, but things were moving pretty slow. Until, one weekend, he invited a few friends and I to a party he was hosting. I met up with him at the party, and we started chatting. We talked for awhile and ended up spending the majority of the evening together. I thought the evening was going well, and I thought maybe things between us would start to pick up. The party was on February 13th, and I was sitting next to him when it turned midnight. Trying to flirt, I said, "Hey it’s Valentine’s Day!" The guy responded, "Want to be my valentine?" I responded, "Yeah!" excitedly and hoped he was going to make a move...instead he put up his hand for a high five. Not exactly what I was hoping for :/”

“For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend bought me a present and I opened it was a pregnancy test - luckily it was negative...but that was all I got. Rip off right?”

“My boyfriend at the time took me on a drive, only telling me to pack an overnight bag. We'd been in the car for about 3 hours, and I still had no idea what was going on. He ended up surprising me with a room at a water park in the Wisconsin Dells. Not the normal romantic dinner, but it was definitely way more fun!”

It might be full of drama or surprises, but either way, it’s sure to be memorable. Have a fun (and safe) Valentine’s Day, Gophers!