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Best Burgers Near the U of M


I am obsessed with food. When I’m not studying or working, I’m usually thinking about food, and let’s be honest, I’m still doing that while I’m studying and working. These last couple weeks, the weather has been gorgeous and the last thing I have wanted to do is cook food in my teeny little kitchen. So instead of cooking, I set out to find out what restaurants have the best burgers near the U of M campus. The burgers are categorized by neighborhood, for your dining convenience.

Dinkytown: Five Guys

You can’t beat this classic burger chain. With hamburgers starting at $5 and fresh cut fries made-to-order, it’s sure to satisfy your burger craving without breaking the bank. The buns are toasted on the griddle and the burger size is generous!  

Como: Blue Door Pub

Heading over to the Como area? Eating at Blue Door is a must. They are known for “The Blucy,” which is a spin on the classic Juicy Lucy, filled with bleu cheese. Their menu and the ingredients they put on their burgers are out of the ordinary, and their portion sizes are enormous! Although their burgers are the star of the show, give their wings and tater tots a try because they are out of this world! Most recently I tried the Jiffy Burger, a patty topped with pepper jack cheese, crunchy peanut butter and bacon. You might be skeptical, but the flavors totally work together! My tip for eating here: come hungry and try something new!

Northeast: Bulldog Northeast

I was impressed by everything I had at the Bulldog NE, and it’s clear that they take great care in every item they serve. I recently sampled the Bourbon Brown Butter Burger, and the flavors in this sandwich lived up to its title! On top of a great hamburger patty there was red barn white cheddar, brown butter mayo, fried shallots and apple wood smoked bacon. The bun was very soft and fluffy, the burger was cooked well and very juicy, and the cheese and mayo complemented the burger perfectly. Everything about this burger was top-notch, including the truffle fries on the side.

North Loop: Parlour

The Parlour Bar is located right beneath the Borough restaurant on Washington in the North Loop, and only has one burger on the menu. Of all the burgers I’ve had leading up to this article, this is the burger I cannot get out of my head. The Parlour’s burger is simple and classic, two thin patties made with high-quality meat and layered with American cheese. The bun is toasted perfectly, not at all soggy, and the patties have a perfectly salty and charred flavor. Even though fries don’t come with the burger, they are so worth the extra cost and taste incredible dipped in the Swiss aioli.

May your taste buds be happy this week, Gophers! 

Deena is a Junior studying Mass Communications and Political Science. She has lived in the Twin Cities her entire life and spends most of her free time cooking, talking and discovering new food!
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