8 Things People with Big Families Understand

Being part of a big family is quite the roller coaster. Not only does more people mean more craziness, but it also means more love. Whether you have a big immediate family or an even bigger extended family, here are some things you can probably relate to.

1. You constantly have to explain to your friends/significant others how you're related to each family member they meet at family events.

It’s the first time you want to introduce the extended family to your significant other, or you decided to invite a friend to your sibling’s graduation party, and you don’t even bother going around the room introducing them. It could take all night! It took you a lifetime to keep track of everyone; there’s no way your extra guest would be able to do it in a matter of hours. Besides, when you have cousins that are old enough to be aunts and uncles, honestly, how can you blame them?

2. You’re never surprised or offended when another family member calls you the wrong name.

It’s just something you’ve learned to accept. Sometimes, if they’ve been drinking enough, even the dog’s name gets thrown in there.

3. A new baby in the family is always exciting, but never surprising.

“The more, the merrier” could never be truer. Chances are you’re around the age where your cousins are having kids, which means more guests during family holiday parties, and more babysitting. “Wait who’s pregnant? I thought she already had the baby? Oh she’s pregnant again?”

4. On a similar note, there’s always someone new at family events.

Whether it’s a new baby, your cousin’s new girlfriend or somebody’s in-laws, you get a kick out of watching them try to handle the crowd. When you don’t come from one yourself, you know that meeting a big family isn’t easy. This means bringing a significant other to meet your extended family is the make-or-break moment of your relationship.

5. You get a kick out of telling people how many cousins you have.

Sometimes it comes off as if you’re bragging, but maybe you are bragging, at least a little bit. “Technically I have 23 first cousins, but if you include their spouses, their kids, and my parent’s cousins, I have way more.”

6. Keeping up with family gossip is an endless task.

Let’s be honest: your family would be the perfect subject for a hit reality TV show. There’s always something to talk about when you meet up with your cousins and aunts for the first time in months.

7. The best life advice comes from your older cousins.

It wasn’t too long ago that they were in your shoes. Whether it’s relationship advice, how to handle other family members or how to play drinking games so you’re totally prepared for college, they know it all.

8. Nothing beats sitting around the dinner table telling embarrassing stories about each other’s childhoods and previous family events.

Afterall, there’s so many of you that you never run out.