8 Things to Look Forward to When Adele Comes to Town

If there’s one thing about Adele, it's her ability to draw a crowd. From her first No. 1 hit “Rolling in the Deep,” to her 2013 Oscar award-winning song “Sky Fall” in the 2012 James Bond film, she has been captivating audiences since her debut at 19 years old in 2008. Adele, now on her worldwide arena tour, is coming to the Twin Cities and we couldn't be more excited. I attended her performance in London, and I’m here to give you an inside look at what to get amped about before you see her here in the Twin Cities.

1. She doesn't need an opener.

Adele is an incredible singer (as we all know), and she rides solo. No need for an opener when you've got mad pipes. And honestly, who can even open for a singer like that?

2. Her opening song...spoiler alert!

If her very first “Hello” doesn't have you screaming, or possibly in tears, I don't know what will. The beginning of this concert is far from ordinary and will leave you with your chin on the floor.

3. The people.

An Adele concert is rather relaxed for how exciting seeing Adele is. There’s a mix of young kids to adults coming out to see her, which will make the atmosphere even more special. Being in a chill environment where there aren’t people standing near the stage or pushing and shoving is a new and magnificent experience.

4. Her sense of humor.

She's constantly cracking jokes in between her incredible songs, whether it’s about how she hopes you can’t see her sweat on the high-definition cameras, or the fact that she can’t bend over because she doesn’t want to rip her dress.

5. Her vulnerability.

Adele is an extremely real and vulnerable artist. She’ll let you into her life so you feel like a part of the Adele concert experience. She tells you about her child, her loves and her terrible heartbreaks that we can all relate to in some way. By the end of the concert, it will feel like Adele is just another one of your best friends who comes over for weekly heart-to-hearts and wine .  

6. The rain.

Adele isn't one for the big show with lights, smoke and fire. She doesn’t have fireworks like a rock concert or big, dramatic stunts with backup dancers, but there is one thing you'll get...rain.

7. The acoustic set.

Not only can Adele perform with a backup band and singers, she can bring the house down with her stand-alone vocals. They're enough to give you chills all night. She will give you an amazingly unique feeling that listening to her recorded stuff can’t even compare to.

8. The personalized confetti.

Another little spoiler... Adele wrote personalized messages on confetti that falls from the sky with lyrics and sayings like, “All my love, Adele” and “Hello”. Bring a little plastic bag to collect them in, and you can take them home to make a collage to keep on your wall.

Whether you're going because you're a die-hard Adele fan, or you're being dragged along by a friend, this concert isn’t one to miss. Fall back in love with the music that helped you get through that tough high school breakup, your nights spent yearning for “that someone”, singing in the shower or the nights out with your girls. You will be speechless on your way out of the concert and won’t be able to stop listening to her album over and over again.