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8 Signs You’re Obsessed With Hamilton

News that Hamilton: An American Musical is heading to Chicago has our little Midwestern hearts beating a little faster with the hope and anticipation that we may be graced by the genius that is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Of course, some of us already have all 27,000 words of the inspirational show committed to memory and are more than ready to see the whole thing play out from beginning to end with our own eyes. So in preparation for the big day, here’s how to know if you’re THAT showtunes-singing, historian-loving Hamilton fan.

Every word you hear is a Hamilton lyric.

With 27,000 words, it’s easy to find random words in conversation that fit just too perfectly with your favorite lines.

Now you have to say you like rap and hip hop.

Does Hamilton count as rap and hip hop? The internal struggle between the classification of your favorite show is now forcing you to answer “yes” just in case. After all, you’d NEVER say that you didn’t like the glorious soundtrack.

You’ve become an impromptu history savant.

American Revolution? Oh hell yes. You want to know about Hercules Mulligan or John Lawrence? No problem, I’m your girl.

Lin-Manuel Miranda should be canonized in your eyes.

This is a work of genius like no other. It may be divinely inspired. How did this happen. Just thank you, Miranda. THANK YOU.

You’re horrified that people don’t know who Alexander Hamilton is.

I mean let’s be real… You remember him from your 7th grade civics and history class. I know you do. You can do this. First treasury of the United States…ringing any bells?

Calling someone Burr or Jefferson is now the worst offense.

How many times did I refer to that *one* professor who just got under my skin as a Jefferson lover? Yeah. That’s only a lot embarrassing.

Everywhere you go Hamilton is your number one request.

In the car? On a plane? Took a train? In the rain? Hamilton. Always Hamilton.

Sobbing because the tickets are so expensive.

We’ll get there one day. We’re not throwing away our shot.

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