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6 Netflix Shows That’ll Make You Want to Join the FBI

I’m technically still undeclared as far as my major goes. I change my mind just about every other day. Maybe I’ll major in History? Maybe I’ll major in Anthropology? Political Science? Sociology? The major perk of all of these options? The FBI can use just about all of them. After watching some shows on Netflix, I couldn’t help but scan the FBI jobs website to try to find some way in which I could hop on board for secret missions. Here are some Netflix shows that will give you the itch to join the FBI:

White Collar

Are you looking at a life of crime by committing various acts of fraud and theft? Yeah… Me neither… But it’s certainly interesting to watch on TV. Follow Neal Caffrey as he transforms from white collar criminal to consultant for the FBI.


The TV show based off the movie with Bradley Cooper (10/10 would recommend even if you don’t like crime shows… Bradley Cooper is bae) makes us absolutely obsessed with the science behind NZT, a little clear pill that essentially elevates any ex-rock star into a super genius. The brain? Neuroscience? Homicide? Whaaaaaaat?


Forensic anthropology is not for the light of heart. This show chronicles Dr. Temperance Brennan as she works with her FBI counterpart, Seeley Booth, to solve murders that no one else can solve because the corpses are too decomposed (hence the title “Bones”). Yeah, totally gross. But this show has some relationship goals that will pretty much make and break your whole life.


Disclaimer: this show is actually more about the CIA. Nonetheless, Chuck is a hysterical account of a Nerd Herd (The Chuck equivalent of Apple Geniuses) smarty who turns into a prized consultant of the CIA. Spoiler alert: the ending will absolutely crush you but so good. SO GOOD.


With a bit of a darker take, Graceland features Aaron Tveit (*swoon*) and a gang of other undercover FBI and DEA agents as they pursue the really bad guys — drug cartels, human trafficking rings, you name it. They’ll go undercover as tattoo artists to take down meth dealers.

The X-Files

For anyone who needs a solid sci-fi/FBI combination, X-Files is a classic that simply cannot be overlooked. The iconic duo of Scully and Mulder examine the unknown parts of our world as they search for meaning in cases that seem to deal with the most inscrutable of concepts– aliens, monsters, the cosmos, and all of that good stuff. You name it, Scully and Mulder are after it. The truth is out there!

I still may not have a major, but I know I’ll try my very hardest to make my career as adventurous and thrill seeking as any one of these TV shows!

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