51 Thoughts We Had During the 2018 Oscars

Here we go, it’s the 90th annual Oscar awards, one my favorite nights of the year. Last year I watched the entire show, I had a lot of thoughts. This year I gathered up my friends and we had even more thoughts. So enjoy our reactions to the 2018 Oscars!

That stage is amazing

Jimmy Kimmel’s shade is on full force tonight and we are here for it

“We can’t let bad behavior slide anymore” YES

“Meryl Streep looks like the fairy godmother from Shrek 2 but in the best way”


Wait, is Jimmy serious about the jet ski? I hope this isn’t a joke. I want to see Christopher Plummer on a jet ski

I love a good montage, like y’all have no idea I LOVE montages

I kinda think that the Oscars nominated Christopher Plummer just to spite Kevin Spacey, which I am 100% okay with

He thanked his cat? Relatable

Ok I’m not surprised in the slightest that a movie about fashion (Phantom Thread) won the costume design award

Baby Driver should get some sort of award for sound, considering it’s the entire point of the film.

“Dreams are the foundation of hollywood, and dreams are the foundation of America” Thanks to Lupita and Kumail for the tears.

How was Dunkirk nominated for set design? IT’S A BEACH

The sunglasses, Adidas, and ¾ tuxedo is a look I never thought would happen.

A montage of fierce female actresses YES PLEASE.

I love Allison Janney with my whole heart. Her performance was both hilarious and terrifying and she’s just a classy lady

“I did it all by myself” THAT’S ALL YOU NEED END IT THERE.


*Collective screaming of sorority women at the appearance of BB-8*

Kobe Bryant? Is he here tonight? Will the real Kobe Bryant please stand up?

OMG I can’t believe Kobe Bryant is an Academy Award winner.


Why is The Boss Baby nominated?

Collective applause for everyone who worked on Coco, representation of Latin culture is so important.

The commercial for The Overlook Hotel was amazing.

Hopefully none of them get hit while crossing the street. That would be a bummer.

Could you imagine just chilling in a movie theater and Armie Hammer walks in shooting a hot dog cannon?

“Hey white dude with the clipboard: check ALL the pages” is what I say outside of frat parties.

She’s signing her acceptance speech for a movie that shines a light on deafness and I’m crying again.

The fact that I don’t know who any of these activists are means that I need to read the news more (but you can read all about them here).

“We’re here, and we’re not going anywhere...We need your movie, I need your movie. So go make it.”

That clip of Timothée Chalamet taking off his sunglasses just awakened something in my soul.

Standing ovation for Jordan Peele yes! Get Out should really just win everything.

Sandra Bullock is complaining about looking her age but c’mon she has better skin than my twenty-year-old self.


“I love a good beach playlist” - my friend commenting on the Dunkirk score.

Eddie Vetter’s cover of Tom Petty’s song is making everyone cry right now.

Wait when did Roger Moore die?

I really need to read the news more.

“These four men and Greta Gerwig” that shade from Emma Stone is amazing.

I’m sorry but Jordan Peele should’ve won, for his first film it was incredibly nuanced and had something to say about our current social climate.

Um we could have done the montage without including Casey Affleck just saying…

I wanna give Denzel Washington a hug before I die.

We all know that Gary Oldman is a good actor, let’s recognize some other talented actors okay?

Like Timothée Chalamet and Daniel Kaluuya, for example.

“She I, Tonya-ed me” WHAT.

Can we give an Oscar to every best actress nominee?

“If I fall over pick me up I’ve got some things to say” Francis McDermott is a legend.


She just curtsied, that’s like the classiest mic drop ever.

“The 51st anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde” The shade is real strong.

Um are we sure that wasn’t a mistake?

At least Jimmy gave that guy a chance to speak. That was awkward.

The real award is the jet ski, not the Oscar.