5 Spring DIY Crafts

With summer on the horizon and the weather getting warmer, spring fever is definitely getting contagious. One great way to lift up your spirits from the drab of winter is by scavenging Pinterest for some awesome spring-inspired crafts! Here are some great DIY craft projects that’ll get you ready for spring:

1. Washi Tape Accents

Add some spunk to any old stool or table with colorful washi tape. This also works great for framing pictures on your walls, as well. If you live in the dorms, this will definitely help add some color and pop to your plain bedroom walls.

2. Decorated Mason Jars

Fabric-lined mason jars are perfect for storing loose items and other small knick knacks you may have. Put a battery operated tea-light inside to create a pretty votive candle, perfect to brighten up any space in your home. Find instructions on how to do this here.

3. Flower Chain Bun Wrap

Add some life to your everyday look with this super cute bun wrap! You’ll be able to take a little bit of spring with you wherever you go. You can wear this accessory at upcoming music festivals or even Spring Jam.

4. Paper Wreath

Add some color to the door of your apartment, dorm or house with this pastel colored wreath. It’s fairly inexpensive to make, and it’ll be a pleasant greeting to all of your visitors!

5. Jelly Bean Tree

Take advantage of all the candy being sold in the stores this season with this tasty tree. It’ll be a fun and colorful way to lift the gloomy winter mood from your room.

Remember: don’t cry, craft!