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5 Chrome Apps to Help You Stay Focused

The Internet is a beautiful thing, but it can also be dangerous when it comes to staying productive. There are so many black holes of distraction on the Internet, so when it comes time to stay focused, check out these Google Chrome apps that’ll help you keep your mind on the task at hand.


So I have to admit my favorite feature about Momentum is that when you open a new tab, a picture of a beautiful place in the world pops up. They’re always gorgeous and your new tab greets you with the time, a “Good morning,” an inspirational quote and the weather. Then, it gets you right to work by asking you, “What’s your main focus today?” You can type your to-do list in, so it’s there whenever you open a new tab and you can add a new task easily. This simple Chrome extension gives you something pretty to look at while also focusing on something not so pretty: your to-do list. But, it’s great for keeping your goals in mind all day long.Get Momentum here.


You know that feeling when you get a great idea, but something on your desktop distracts you and makes you forget it before you can write it down? Yeah, me too. Papier helps avoid this. When you open a new tab, your note sheet on Papier appears as a blank sheet with nothing to distract you, so you can take note of your awesome idea before it escapes you. Get Papier here.

Website Blocker

If you’re as addicted to Pinterest as I am, you need this. Website Blocker does exactly what it sounds like. If you need to be productive for a few hours with no distractions from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can block those sites for however long you need to get your work accomplished. When your task is finished, you can reward yourself by browsing on your now unblocked sites. It’s amazing how much time we waste on useless scrolling when we could (and should) be getting work done. Get Website Blocker here.


Pocket is a great way to save something interesting you find on the Internet for later. It works like bookmarks, but the great part about it is that it syncs to all of your devices, so you can look at your saved pages on your phone or tablet too. If you get lost in the clickholes of Wikipedia like I do, Pocket is perfect for you. Get Pocket here.


This Chrome extension gives you a certain amount of time on a specified website per day, and then blocks you out of it. Of course, it’s fun to scroll through Facebook cyberstalking your ex or reliving your embarassing middle school days, but it sure wastes a ton of time. Social media is great sometimes, but is destructive, too. So if you feel like you’re spending too much time checking Twitter rather than engaging in real life or being productive, use StayFocused to keep your time on certain websites in check. Get StayFocused here.

I know decompressing by allowing yourself to get lost in the depths of the Internet is great sometimes, but save that for after you’ve gotten your work done. These apps will help you stay focused and efficient, so give them a try. I promise you, you’ll feel better spending time on social media after the stress of finishing your homework is lifted off your shoulders.

Natalee is a sophomore at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Despite being a girl from Green Bay in Vikings territory, she loves her Minnesota home.
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