22 Thoughts We Have Going Home For the Holidays

Whether you go home for our short Thanksgiving break or for our super long winter break, there are joys of being home to relax and spend time with family, but also the struggles of having your parents watching your every move and finding something to do with all your free time. Here are few things that have definitely passed through all of our heads during our time at home:

1. After plowing through three midterms, two papers, and all the homework I don’t want to do over break, I definitely deserve some type of award.

2. Remind me again why we don’t have the entire week off?

3. I hope my family doesn’t ask me about my love life.

4. Or if I’ve been eating well.

5. Or my grades.

6. Not looking forward to hearing what Grandma thought of my Halloween costume.

7. Oh man, I won’t have to cook for myself every day!

8. Are sweatpants appropriate Thanksgiving dinner attire? Gotta have room for all that turkey.

9. God, I love gravy.

10. I should go for a run tomorrow with all of the extra time I have!

11. JK lol.

12. To go Black Friday shopping or not to go Black Friday shopping?

13. Pretty sure someone died at the mall last year on Black Friday. Not worth it.

14. Nevermind. I definitely need more clothes.

15. Aaaaaaaaaand now I have no money. Mom, help???

16. I can’t remember the last time I wore sweats for three days straight. This is incredible.

17. Is getting 12 hours of sleep a bad thing?

18. What if I’m making up for all the sleep I missed this semester?

19. I have so much time on my hands. How do I even Netflix.

20. Alright, a month-long break is too short to find a job but too long to not be making any money. I’m broke and I want to go back.

21. How is it break over already??? I take back what I said!!!

22. Mom, Dad, please don’t make me leave.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving break was well-rested, so you can plow through finals and have an even more relaxing winter break!