13 Gifs That Describe Your Thoughts Throughout Winter

With only a few more weeks until spring, it’s time to slowly begin packing away the snow boots and bulky winter coat. However, there’s still time to reflect on all of the ups and downs that this lovely winter has brought us. Here are 13 gifs that describe your thoughts and emotions from this winter!

One day you realize that all the leaves have fallen off the trees, and the temperatures are finally dropping below freezing. That’s when it all begins.

You wake up one morning to find the snow starting to fall outside, and you’re wondering whether you should excited or full of dread.  

Then begins the period of wanting to do everything outside in the snow while it’s there.

Fun activities such as sledding, skiing, and even ice skating just seem to pop up in pictures and ads everywhere (especially on instagram).

At this point the feelings about winter get even more amplified by the upcoming holiday season.

But as the winter holidays come to an end, all the inconveniences that come along with winter come to light, and you remember how horrible it is to drive around in the ice and snow.

You end up having to give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes before going anywhere to allow for bundling yourself up and shuffling along in the snow.

That’s when the temperature starts plummeting.

You think that you can curl up with a cozy blanket in your dorm or apartment, but sometimes housing is no match for a sub-zero temperatures.

You just lay in bed begging any kind of celestial being to put an end to this madness.

You may get a day where the temperature gets above freezing, and the snow starts to melt. But don’t let this fool you–that water just ends up freezing back over at night, which leads to icy sidewalks and one dangerous walk to class the next morning.

At this point in the month, you’re starting to truly wonder if there will ever be an end to all the destruction.

But thankfully, spring is on the horizon, and it won’t hurt to have any skin exposed when you go outside anymore.


Stay warm Gophers, you’re almost there!