12 GIFs That Are All of Us Going Back to School

After a long - and hopefully enjoyable - winter break, it’s time to go back to school. There’s a wide spread of emotions that accompany being back; you might be happy to see your friends, sad to leave your family or nervous for the semester ahead. Odds are, at least one of these GIFs is a very real depiction of your transition: 

1. Saying goodbye to your pets

2. Remembering all the homework you’re going to have

3. Checking your bank account after a month of no work, all play


4. Reuniting with your friends

5. Finally being independent again 

6. Trying to buy textbooks

7. Cooking for yourself after a long break of your mom making you food

8. Trying to adjust to a no-sleep schedule

9. When your professor skips going over the syllabus and starts teaching right away

10. Walking to class again instead of driving everywhere

11. Your first weekend back

12. ...the aftermath of your first weekend back.

Have an amazing second semester, collegiettes!