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10 Reasons Why Your Vote as a Millennial Woman Matters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Minnesota chapter.

With the first presidential debate of 2016 in the books and with movements like “Bernie or Bust” arising, it’s important to know why your vote matters, especially as a young person in America.

We Are the Majority

In 2015, Millennials surpassed the Baby-Boomers as the largest generation in the United States. That means this year, Millennials can dominate the polls and have their voices heard.

The First Female Candidate in a Major Party

Regardless of if you’re casting your vote for her or not, Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate from a major political party (not to discredit Green Party’s Jill Stein) to ever make it this far in an election. Even if you aren’t ‘With Her,’ her success should inspire you to be politically engaged. Now more than ever, women’s involvement in politics is necessary to see change.

Donald Trump is Still A Thing

Presidents set the tone for the nation, and if that tone is full of misogyny and hatred for women, who’s going to advocate for our needs and our lives? Not someone who’s called women ‘fat pigs,’ ‘dogs,’ and ‘slobs.’ According to Trump, it’s also apparently really gross that women use the bathroom, sexual assault in the military is to be expected, and breastfeeding is “disgusting.” (Yes Donald, you did say those things.)

These Are Our Issues.

Paid maternity leave is finally picking up speed in the United States, with all candidates having some sort of plan to implement new maternity leave plans. That includes parental and paternal leave too!

The Wage Gap is Still a Thing.

It’s 2016 and we STILL don’t have equal pay for men and women. Think it’s about time we make more than just 80 cents to every man’s dollar?

Affordable Education!

Each candidate has laid out a policy to either implement or prevent more affordable secondary education. It’s a more realistic possibility everyday, and with the tuition hike now a very likely reality, your voice matters more than ever.

It Takes Two to Tango

More and more Millennials say they feel a detachment from our government. It’s a two way-street, friend. VOTE so our leaders know what you want and that you care enough to take part in this democracy.

Susan B. Anthony Will Rise From The Dead and Flick You On The Nose

My girl did NOT fight for women’s suffrage for ya’ll to kick your feet up. Anthony once said, “There will never be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.” Go out there and make mama Anthony proud!


That means you, Bernie supporters! Bernie did NOT lose the democratic nomination for ya’ll to give up. He may have started a revolution, but he didn’t do all of that work for his followers to #BernieorBust this election into the ground.

Because Jesse Williams (and a ton of other celebrities) Say You Should

This is your country, your home, and your ballot. Change doesn’t come from apathy. Progress doesn’t come from the same voices being heard over and over again. The only way your vote doesn’t count is if you don’t cast it.

Find out if you’re registered here: http://www.rockthevote.com/get-informed/elections/am-i-registered-to-vote/?referrer=https://www.google.com/

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