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10 GIFs That Are Actually Black Friday Shoppers

November’s here which means Thanksgiving, which also means BLACK FRIDAY! This is the one day a year when you can get a bunch of stuff you really don’t need for up to 70 percent off. With such amazing deals to be had, saying that shoppers get a little more excited would be an understatement. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and if you’re a serious Black Friday goer, you have a game plan before the big day. Nothing can stop you in your quest for getting great deals! Serious shopper or not, here are 10 of our favorite GIFs that are Black Friday Goers to a tee: 

When you’re hurrying to eat your food

When you’re preparing for the big event

When you’re creating your ultimate shopping list

When you’re waiting in line, and you see that one guy who’s way too excited about being the first in line

When you’re waiting “patiently” for the doors to open

When the doors are about to open

When you’re fighting for the last doorbuster

When they’re out of doorbusters

When you’re over it and ready to leave

When you get home after a long night out shopping and you’re ready for some sleep

When everything’s said and done, you got some great deals and probably had some fun too. Even though it was stressful and you almost didn’t get that one doorbuster, you defeated the odds. Now, start planning for cyber Monday!

Robin is a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities studying Professional Journalism, Studies of Cinema and Media Culture and Communications. She is a huge film, TV and musical theater buff (needless to say she spends too much time binge watching). She is an avid Couponer and money saver with hopes of becoming a Film Critic one day. Follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/robinrose44 or find her pieces on http://www.hercampus.com/school/minnesota
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