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It’s horoscope time!

Virgo – Cinderella

Just like Cinderella, Virgos pay close attention to details and love cleanliness. Virgos are loyal and hardworking and love animals and nature (we all know how close Cinderella is to her forest friends). Cinderella is closed off to others at some times because of her past, but she is quick to make friends and show love.

Libra – Anna

Like a Libra, Anna is peaceful and fair and doesn’t like to be alone. She has a passion for equality and fairness, and will do anything to bring about justice. However, Libras can be indecisive and avoid confrontation at all costs. See the similarities?

Scorpio – Pocahontas

Scorpios – just like Pocahontas – are passionate, resourceful, and very brave. Like the chief’s daughter, Scorpios are great leaders and will do what must be done to seek the truth. You are one with the water and nature. So, what’s around the riverbend?

Sagittarius – Rapunzel

If you’re curious and imaginative, you’re just like Rapunzel! Although nervous to explore, you love to journey and travel the world! You’re impatient at times, but you’re idealistic and have a great sense of humor! Just like Rapunzel, Sagittarius’ got a dream!

Capricorn – Mulan

Mulan is the epitome of disciplined and passionate – just like a Capricorn. You represent great responsibility and you’re deep-seated in tradition. You value your family greatly, but sometimes you can be unforgiving to those that wrong you. Mulan works to be an honor to herself and so do Capricorns.

Aquarius – Snow White

Like Snow White, you see the positive possibilities in every situation you are placed in. You can be independent but you always appreciate your friends and all they do for you. In return, you’re a great listener and you love to help others in their time of need. After all, you did try to help that ugly witch.

Pisces – Aurora

Pisces, you love to sleep. You’re gentle and wise and you long for romance. You’re selfless and always willing to help others, but you’re over trusting. Which is probably why you pricked your finger…

Aries – Merida

Like Merida, Aries courageous and determined to change their own fate. You’re short-tempered and moody, but you’re always looking for some competition too. Your element is fire, which probably explains that hair!

Taurus – Tiana

Taurus’ are hardworking and responsible people – just like Tiana. You love cooking, music, and most likely the deep south. You can be stubborn, but mostly about the things you’re passionate about. Want to run your own business like Tiana did? You’re the perfect sign to do so. 

Gemini – Belle

Just like Belle, Gemini are gentle and adaptable. You enjoy simpler things; and you adore reading. You’re expressive and quick-witted and you aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. Want adventure in the great wide somewhere? Welcome to Belle’s life. 

Cancer – Ariel

Cancer, you’re highly emotional and tenacious – just like Ariel. You love art and relaxing near the water (maybe the ocean?), but you can also be moody and pessimistic at times. You get especially sensitive when it comes to love, and you long to be part of another’s world. 

Leo – Megara

If there’s one thing Megara is, it’s arrogant. Just like her, Leos value their self-image and adore being the center of attention. However, when you care about something (or someone) you are nothing but passionate.

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