Working During a Pandemic

I’ve worked at Target for three years, and I can safely say I have never seen it like this. So many changes are happening left and right that I can barely keep up. Heres a list of three things I’ve noticed while working during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  1. 1. I'm working A LOT!

    girl sleeping in black and white

    Before the pandemic started, I was working on holidays during school breaks, and summer break, I normally averaged 30 hours. In just about two weeks I've accumulated almost 60 hours! I've never felt so exhausted and beat down in my life! I come home after 12 hour shifts and can barely stay up right because my body is so tired. On a positive note, I'm making money and keeping myself busy, and I'm thankful I can say I still have a job.

  2. 2. People can be mean

    I've dealt with the occasional rude customer, but lately every other customer is mean. It opened my eyes to how entitled, and selfish people can really be. I've been yelled at, cursed at, and even had someone throw Oreos at me! It makes me sad for them because of how much empathy these people lack. If you can be mean and nasty to overworked and underpaid employees, who risk catching COVID-19 everyday, there is an underlying problem that I hope they solve one day. It is not hard to just be kind. 

  3. 3. People can be nice!

     Even though this pandemic has brought out the worst in people, it's also brought out the best. I've had a lot of guests thank me for working, be super patient and understanding, and even tried to tip me. These are the people that really make our day and if you are one of those people then I give you the warmest thank you!

All in all, working during this time is tough and scary, but what gets me through all the ups and downs is knowing that by staying open were helping millions of people stay healthy and happy and that is all that matters!

HCXO, Alanna