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Originally I was going to write this article about spring date ideas. Don’t get me wrong- I am sooo ready for some warmer weather and a week long break from classes (Yes, I know classes just started, don’t give me that look 👀). After giving it some more thought, though, I realized that there are countless fun things to do with that special someone no matter what time of year it is! In fact, Winter has a lot going for it. This may sound sappy, but I think all that beautiful snow, those cozy throw blankets, and more hot cocoa than you know what to do with all combine to make the perfect recipe for romance. Grab some fuzzy socks and keep reading for some date ideas that will have your weekends booked all Winter long!

Movie Night In

Okay, this is obvious, but what’s better on a cold, damp night than sitting inside with your cuddle buddy under a warm, oversized blanket? The genre is up to you, but the popcorn is nonnegotiable!

Ice Skating

I haven’t been ice skating in a while, but I love going when I get the chance! You don’t have to be super coordinated to do this, you just need to have a good sense of humor. And hey, if you fall on your butt one too many times, call it a night and go grab a mug of that hot chocolate we talked about earlier.


This one is a classic for all the best reasons! It’s fun, it’s gets your body moving and your heart racing (provided you can find a big hill), and it will take you right back to your childhood! Plus, this is the only time you can push your SO down a hill and get away with it (Just kidding! 😉). Don’t forget to make some snow angels while you’re at it!


Strictly speaking, bowling can be done during any season, but Winter is a great time because it makes for a great date indoors! Check your local bowling alley to see when they have deals; mine offers $1 games weekly.

Booklovers’ date

If you and your honey are both bookworms, head over to your nearest library or bookstore and grab some good reads! When my boyfriend and I first started going out, we each picked a book for each other that we thought the other person would like. We had so much fun with this, and I’m sure you and your partner will, too! Who knows, you might even learn something new about each other’s interests.

Build a fort and make it an indoor picnic

This is something I have been wanting to try! I love a good picnic, but I am not eating outside when it is below freezing. Indoor picnics can be a blast on their own, so it definitely couldn’t hurt to throw a blanket fort into the mix! One of you could even grab takeout on the way to make it a low effort night! Hang some twinkly lights and pop in a movie if you have some extra time.

Thanks for reading! Stay warm out there!



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