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Will They Ever Find That Missing Plane?

Will they ever find that missing plane?

Aircraft and ships searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 continue to face old problems in a new area of the southern Indian Ocean. From poor weather to floating garbage, search units are having difficulties in what seems to be a never ending search in finding the plane.

What exactly is hindering ships and aircrafts from finding the missing plane? According to Australian authorities, debris and satellite images indicate findings within the Indian Ocean, however; there is no concrete evidence that this is debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Australian officials released images last week showing two whitish objects on the surface of the ocean. On March 16 they were spotted by satellite but not released until days later because of the time that it took to analyze the debris. Due to the unsteady weather conditions of rain and fierce winds, it is becoming more challenging for Chinese and Australian authorities to find the missing aircraft.

According to a news article on www.cnn.com  in reference to Flight 370, “Authorities are under pressure to make a breakthrough after several false leads, and amid rising anger among families of passengers on board Flight 370.”

Will the search for the missing plane ever come to an end?

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