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Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren may have dropped out of the 2020 presidential race this past week, but she made a big difference in the lives of girls everywhere. I may have supported Pete Buttigieg over Warren, but I can still see just how important Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy was. Even though Warren’s campaign is over, she is still an important and powerful woman in the political world. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t forget about Elizabeth Warren.

She Holds a Lot of Political Power Right Now
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Warren has yet to endorse anyone, but her endorsement matters. Some think she may endorse Sanders because he is also more liberal on the political spectrum, but she could also endorse Biden. Warren is a strong member of the Democratic Party, so she may decide not to endorse Sanders, an independent who often speaks against the party. By endorsing Biden, she would be endorsing a Democrat. 

She Is a Strong Candidate for Vice President

Either Sanders or Biden could choose Warren to be their Vice President, and in this election, the Vice President matters. Typically, a candidate’s choice for Vice President is not very important – they only have a small number of jobs, and they are usually just chosen to balance out the president’s campaign. This time, the Vice President matters. Bernie Sanders is 78-years-old, and Joe Biden is 77. Both candidates are old and are not in the best health, so if they passed away, their Vice Presidential would be left as President. With Warren’s popularity, both candidates would benefit from her name on their ticket.

She Is Still a Senator

Although Elizabeth Warren is no longer in the race for president, she is not done in politics. Even if Warren isn’t chosen for Vice President, she is still a senator, so she will help in creating and passing the country’s legislation.


She Tells Little Girls They Can Be President Too 

Warren may not be President, but she still shows little girls everywhere that they can be President too. Growing up, I thought a President had to be a man – it isn’t an actual law, but there had only been male Presidents. It wasn’t until I saw Hillary Clinton run in the 2008 election that I realized it’s possible for a woman to be President, that I could be President someday. Elizabeth Warren is doing the same thing for little girls now that Hillary Clinton did for me – she is teaching them that girls can do anything! 

Elizabeth Warren is a powerful woman, the perfect kind to celebrate for Women’s Month. No matter which political party you support, you should try your hardest to be like Elizabeth Warren because she is a bad*ss woman!

HCXO, Riley

Riley Boike

Millersville '22

Hi! I'm Riley Boike, and I'm a senior at Millersville University. I'm a Government, Policy, and Law major with a double minor in History and International Studies. As a government major, I love following politics, but I also like music, coffee, reading, Netflix, and my pets.
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