Why You Should Take Your Best Friend Out Of The "Friendzone"

How many times have you told yourself or your friends that your best friend was a great person but you didn’t want to start a relationship with them because you were afraid if the relationship went awry you two would no longer be friends? This is a classic and logical worry that I think the vast majority of us struggle with. We all end up getting into some destructive relationships meanwhile our best friends sit in the “friendzone.” I know I had done this for awhile, and eventually I decided to give my male best friend a shot; and we have been happily living out our fairytale for the last three years now. Here’s why you should take your best friend out of the “friendzone” too!

I think the strongest argument to date your best friend is that the two of you obviously have chemistry; if you didn’t you wouldn’t even be friends. Clearly there is something about them that draws you to them, and them to you. The more time you spend together, the more you notice these appealing qualities shine through their personalities. Not only will those qualities you love grow stronger, you’ll discover new things you love about them that you never even knew you cared about.

Secondly, and to be blunt, your best friend already knows what’s “wrong with you.” They were there for you that night you cried for hours about a family issue, have talked you through a bad breakup, helped you through an anxiety attack, etc. Your problems aren’t going to scare them away because they’ve already seen most of them and they’re still with you. They already know the mistakes you made so you won’t need to sit them down one night and tell them your past regrets. They were there for you then and they still love you now, and they’re not going to randomly stop.

Thirdly, and this is obvious, you and your best friend have so much fun together! You’re always going to new places, trying new things, have your favorite things to do, and are also okay to just be lazy and have a night in. Why wouldn’t you want to expand that fun to new levels and new places? There is so much for you to still try, so go for it!

Even if you and your best friend fight frequently, that does not necessarily mean that you won’t make a good couple. Often, that fighting comes from unresolved tension of wanting the relationship to progress but being stuck as “just friends.” I know this was the case for my boyfriend and I. We fought incessantly as best friends, but once we finally talked over how we felt and started a relationship, we have barely had any fights. I think we both wanted more but were too afraid to go for it, thus causing our problems.

In any relationship, your partner should be your best friend anyway, so why not just skip a step and start dating your best friend? My boyfriend has always been, and always will be my best friend; and in hindsight, I realize I’ve always loved him. You may be in love with your best friend too, but scared to admit it to yourself. I’m encouraging you to take a chance and pursue a relationship with them. They already love you no matter what. So give it a shot; you may just be opening the door to the best decision you ever made; I know I did! 

*All images courtesy of Pinterest