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Why You Should Start Looking for an Internship Right Now

This past summer, I did something that I had never done before. Instead of filling my time with a class or picking up some extra work, I decided to get an internship. I started the process in March, which was a bit late, but I was able to find a great one that I enjoyed and that taught me a lot along the way! Below I’ve listed some compelling reasons for why you should start looking for an internship!

Practice interviewing & going through the hiring process

While this was not my first job, it was the first one that I had to formally apply for. This made me nervous, and it certainly didn’t help that all of my interviews were held over Zoom because of the pandemic. The bright side is that applying and interviewing under those strange conditions has made me feel more confident in how I will do under normal circumstances.

Learn more about your chosen career or a different one

Initially, I was trying to get an internship that fit in perfectly with my degree. After further consideration, though, I realized that this was a great opportunity to learn about a different career path with no negative consequences! After all, if you take a class on something new to you, you risk spending money on something that you don’t even like. But with an internship, you’re broadening your horizons without spending any money (and potentially making some!). 

Internships are great because you can use them to gain more knowledge in your field, or you can learn about an entirely different subject! Either way, you will be bettering yourself and expanding your future opportunities.

gain valuable experience as part of the workforce

Before my internship, I had a couple of jobs, but I had never worked for a large, established business. When I started, I wasn’t completely sure what to expect of anything- the people, the environment, or even the work itself. While this might be different from what you will experience in your internship, it was definitely a learning curve for me. Over the course of the summer, I had my first conference meetings, I was able to meet and talk with the CEO of the company, and I got my first employee badge. It was the first time that I have ever really felt somewhat like an adult (which was both scary and exciting). 

Develop relationships with people

I was lucky in that the people I was working with were kind, hardworking, and accepting! They welcomed me to the group with open arms and made me feel like a valuable part of the team. They showed me that developing friendships with your coworkers can make work enjoyable and something to look forward to each day. Doing your job is so much easier and more fun when you feel supported and appreciated.

build up your resume

Even if nothing else I have said has swayed you to secure an internship, this benefit should. Whether you are in your freshman year or you are nearing graduation, you will want to have some good experience to put on your resume. Your future employers will want to see that you have put some effort into your career goals- they want to see what drives you, what you care about, and what kind of progress you have made in your career (aside from your degree). Sure, a high GPA is nice, but they also want to know that you can apply your education to an actual job.

Hopefully this article has convinced you that summer internships are the way to go! If so, check with your college or university’s career services to find out when your next job and internship fair is happening. For all of you Millersville Marauders, there’s a virtual fair coming up on October 20. Now go make your career goals a reality!



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