Which Talent Fairy Are You?

I recently rewatched the Tinkerbell & Friends series on Disney+ and I began to wonder what talent I would have.  Based off your strong traits choose one talent that fits you the most and of course think about which one you wish you could be as well.  

  1. 1. Tinker Fairy 

    Eugen Str

    Of course, I had to start with the tinker fairies, because, Tinkerbell, duh... 

    Tinkers are helpful, courteous and strong minded. They are creative and see the beauty in what others see as garbage. They are also eco-friendly because of their tendency to reuse and recycle lost things! 

  2. 2. Animal Fairy 

    leopard print

    Animal fairies are kind, thoughtful and strong. They never give up on their friends or what they set out to do. Just like tinkers, however, they can be a bit mischievous.  

  3. 3. Water Fairy 

    blue water in Saint-Tropez, France

    Water fairies are laidback, friendly and funny. They always bring a few jokes and an air of comfortability with them. They are patient and calm with those they love.  

  4. 4. Garden Fairy 

    Garden fairies are sweet mannered and super fun. They love to be with friends and take great pride in those they surround themselves with.   

  5. 5. Dust Keeper Fairy 

    Sharon Mccutcheon

    Keeper fairies are hardworking, curious and a great friend. They are loyal to those they care about and go out of their way to help.

  6. 6. Sunshine Fairy 

    Sun shining from behind clouds

    Sun fairies are inquisitive, energetic and a positive addition to any friend group. They keep everyone on the right path and know what’s right.  

  7. 7. Fast Flying Fairy 

    bats flying against a sunset

    Fast flying fairies are confident, strong-willed and competitive. They take a while to warm up to, but when they do, they are always there for their friends. These fairies rule! 

  8. 8. Winter Fairy 

    shallow focus photography of white leaves

    Winter fairies are very open-minded and surprisingly warm hearted! They enjoy being with friends and meeting new people.  Fast Flying Fast

No matter what talent fits you most, you are amazing and a great friend to those in your life. My only advice for this semester is to have a little faith, trust and pixie dust.  

HCXO, Devon