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My freshman year of college I didn’t have a car on campus, so I learned to find what I needed nearby by walking everywhere I went. If I was lucky enough to have a friend offer to drive me or have my sister come visit, I was able to go out to eat every now and then, but normally I was stuck eating at the dining halls. While college campuses do offer a variety of options when it comes to dining, eventually the dining hall and the grab-and-go mart get old. 

Even now as a senior with a car, I still like to visit these places and get food. I love supporting local businesses, plus there’s good food, so what’s not to love? 

Below are my five places within walking distance from Millersville’s campus that I like to go to frequenty:

Jack’s Family Tavern

Located right on Prince Street in Millersville is what I consider to be the heart and soul of food in Millersville– Jack’s. Every true Marauder has eaten at Jack’s as it is the perfect place. Family in town? Take them to Jack’s. This tavern is the perfect mix of family-friendly and college town bar. Home-style food? Check. Bangin’ burgers? Check. Mixed drinks? Check. Giant plates of fries? Check. Their own merch (including bucket hats)? Check. They even have trivia nights. I’ll just leave it at that.

*PSA I am not lying about the mountain of fries. If you get them as a side, prepare to share them with the whole table.

Cactus Cafe

If you are looking for a smaller place that has that homemade feel to it, Cactus Cafe is your place to go. Serving Mexican-American food, Cactus Cafe has a menu that has no misses. While I will admit I get the breakfast quesadilla almost every time I go, I have never heard a complaint about the food from anyone I’ve ever taken there. Plus the smoothies are way better than the ones at the Anchor.

Sugar Bowl

Just a step off campus (literally across the street) is the Sugar Bowl. Family owned and run, this place has all of the late night craving foods– pizza, stromboli, and chicken tenders. Open until midnight everyday, and 1 AM on Friday and Saturday, the Sugar Bowl is the perfect place to stop by when almost everywhere else in town is closed. Plus, they do catering if you need pizzas for a bigger event.

Copper Hill Public House

If you are looking to have a nice dinner out or take someone somewhere nice(r), Copper Hill Public House is the place to go. Settled next to a golf course, Copper Hill offers a beautiful atmosphere for diners. Copper Hill has a wonderful menu for any event, from house made burgers to the salmon du jour. They even had steak and crab nights if you want something even nicer. This is the perfect place to go for any celebration or special occasion.

Koshary Station

Okay so I do have to admit I lied above. I have never been to Koshary Station, as it just opened a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t write this list and leave this place out. While I have not been there yet, I have a feeling it is going to become one of my regular “eat out” places. This restaurant serves Egyptian food allowing me to diversify my go-to meal of ramen. They note that they serve Halal Egyptian food and they support all diets offering vegan and vegetarian dishes. I mean how can I not love a place that serves both chicken nuggets and baklava?

So there you have it– five places to check out, and the best part is that all of these spots are within walking distance of Millersville, and they are all different. I hope you try one (or two) of them out this semester. I know I will be visiting all of these places soon, as writing this article made me hungry. 

Off to grab a snack. 

HCXO, Charlotte

Charlotte Molitoris

Millersville '23

Charlotte is part of the Millersville Her Campus chapter and is currently on the board as the philanthropy chair. She is a senior at Millersville University and is majoring in sociology with a concentration in criminology and a minor in gerontology. She spends her free time listening to music and hanging out with her dog, Maxi.