This Is Where I Belong: My Final Goodbye To Her Campus Millersville

Writing this article is the most satisfying and heartbreaking thing I have ever done. I am beyond excited to be graduating college, but publishing this, my last Her Campus Millersville article, means I am moving on from what has been the center of my world for 3 years.

I chose Millersville over three other schools because it was pretty - the campus, the people, the friendly and warm personalities I encountered with every walk around the pond. Everything at Millersville from my campus visit to my first day as a resident of Gaige Hall (R.I.P.) felt like home. But nothing was as fulfilling and exciting as being a small part of Her Campus.

I had heard about the club at Admitted Students Day and I thought, “wow that sounds cool,” and I didn’t think about it for another year and a half. It wasn’t until my sophomore year, when I changed my major from theatre to journalism, that I once again found Her Campus. I stumbled upon an article (I don’t remember what it was about now) from Her Campus Harvard and remembered that I had seen that Millersville had a chapter. I got onto the Millersville site and emailed the then president at the time who welcomed me to the next meeting with enthusiasm that I had never encountered before.

I went to the next meeting and that was it. I was hooked. I became absolutely obsessed with Her Campus. I became a member, then ran for secretary and got it, and now I am ending my time HC Millersville as it’s Editor in Chief.

Through high school and even the first year or so of college, I was always involved in clubs and sports, but I never could grasp the feeling of belonging or being fully committed to a group. I floated between friend groups and juggled sports, music, and theatre, but never felt like anything completely fit me. I was also always struggling with feeling inadequate - I never felt smart or capable or strong. I wasn’t the star soccer player I wanted to be, or the prodigy actress and singer I dreamed of. I never thought I was someone who would ever be voted Editor in Chief or Vice President of anything.

Her Campus has given me so much that I will never be able to give back - amazing friends, career skills, confidence, belief in myself and so much more. While I know that I am not saying goodbye completely, it is still extremely difficult to say “see you later.”


Lola and Hannah - I could not imagine two more perfect people to be taking over as co-CC’s. You are both so intelligent and brilliant, there is no doubt in my mind that you will lead this chapter exceptionally and leave it better than the way you came to it.

Jess - Thank you so much for being there for me as co-CC, even when it was rough. You truly are an amazing, smart and HILARIOUS person. You’re going to do great things.

Alyssa, Shayna, and Libby - I don't think I will have as much fun again in my life as I had with you three at College Fashion Week. We really should patent t-shirts that read “I peaked at College Fashion Week.” Thank you for not only making that amazing memory with me but making every moment of HC so SO fun.

Erika - Please don’t ever forget how amazingly talented and beautiful you are. Don't doubt yourself, and when you do, remember you pulled off HerCarnival better than any of us could, and you’re going to do it again (and even better) next year. Don’t stop fighting the good fight! You’re going to change the world someday, I really believe that.

Caleb - You certainly added some flavor to the group dynamic! Thank you for being so proactive and enthusiastic about Her Campus.

Lexi - Please remain exactly as you are. You one of the strongest people I know, and I really believe you can do anything you put your mind too.

Victoria and Kayla - The dynamic duo! You girls are so sweet and kind, and you gave me one of the best birthday gifts ever - Taylor Swift red lipstick! Thank you for geeking out with me about everything to do with Taylor. You both are so sweet and kind hearted!

Sam - You added a whole new level to our content this semester. You were always so sweet and the articles you wrote were so well written and important. Never forget that you are amazing!

Nathalie - Please sit down with me someday and share your makeup secrets. You are a goddess and one of the kindest people I know.

Jenna, Alanna, and Maggie - I am so glad you chose to be brave and run for exec board. Alanna, your “I will treasure being treasurer” joke makes me laugh every time I think about it. I know you will all continue to carry the chapter to amazing places. Stay awesome!

Please don’t forget me. I love you all so much.


My Final HCXO,