What Your Favorite Candy Says About You

We all have a favorite candy we gravitate to when it comes to Halloween. Whether that's while trick-or-treating or just browsing the candy aisle for the kids (and a little for ourselves too). But do you know what your favorite candy says about you?

*Disclaimer* These predictions are not made by a professional. They are not made to offer any offense but to get you readers in the spooky spirit.

  1. 1. Chocolate

    You don't mess with the fancy stuff. You love the basics. You also know all there is to know about self care. Feeling that chocolate fixes every bad mood, you know just the way to get the perfect pick-me-up. You're the pick-me-up friend, always knowing the best way to cheer someone up.

  2. 2. Twizzlers

    You're an old soul. You like the old school stuff, not into trying the new stuff everyone else is. Keep it classic and keep it simple. You don't enjoy change and argue to leave good enough alone.

  3. 3. Gummies

    You're the fun one in the group. You know all the best places to get the best candy. You love to stay out long past the end of trick-or-treating, and just might be the person that takes more than one piece from the bowl. You're always up for a suprise and it's very hard to bore you.

  4. 4. Anything Sour

    You like a little spice in life. You're the one to do a trick instead of a treat. You can be a little salty at times, but peel back some layers and you're sweet.

  5. 5. Not a candy person?

    Did you even have a childhood? You're the one that keeps a strict schedule, and is always back before curfew. You're the one that takes the pretzels and then trades them in for an apple or maybe an orange. You know how to avoid a sugar high, though. You stick to a healthy diet and are always dreaming of the gym. You'd rather bench candy than eat it.

  6. 6. Anything King Size

    You, my friend, know where the fun is. You're a mix of people. You know the most efficient route of trick-or-treating to maximize the best candy. You're a planner. You have a plan a, b, and c for almost every situation. You're calm and collected in chaotic situations

What's your favorite candy?

HCXO, Katie