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What Your Fave One Direction Song Says About You

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Well, if you couldn’t tell by yet another article that somewhat has to do with Harry Styles, I am a bit obsessed at the moment. Ever since he announced his next album, I have been listening to all of his songs on repeat, and I have no shame admitting it. And when I say all of his songs, I even mean taking a trip down memory lane and binge-listening to One Direction. As a BIG One Direction stan growing up, I feel self-qualified enough to write this article, so make sure to check down below to find your fave song from our fave British (and one Irish) boys! Just a friendly reminder that I simply cannot cover every single song they ever wrote, so if your fave song isn’t on here, that just means you are extra cool :)

What Makes You Beautiful

Okay, if “What Makes You Beautiful” is your favorite, you have a soft spot for the classics. Your taste in things is simple yet still classy, and you aren’t scared to say you love something! (Cause let’s be real, whenever you say this song is your favorite, other fans always laugh and call you basic). This music video 100% made you a Harry girl, and that’s stuck with you till now (I understand, because same). You are also such a sap for romance, and your relationship expectations are so high because of it.

Live While We’re Young

You take this song seriously. Sometimes a little too seriously. But, you are the life of the party, and whenever this song comes on, you bust out in dance moves because why the hell not?! I feel like you are the type of person to roll the windows down and blast songs as your drive down the highway with your friends, and you just don’t care what other people think of you.

Little Things

My first question for you is “are you okay?” and I am asking seriously, cause this song is low-key depressing to me. I feel like you are the type of person to blast sad music and cry in your bed when you are upset about something, and you know what? That’s okay. You tend to overthink things and maybe need some reassurance sometimes, but you are also the sweetest soul and look out for everyone around you.

Midnight Memories

You are a really cool person. Seriously. This song slaps so hard, and so do you! You always know how to have a good time and you are the life of the party (even more so than the gals who love “Live While We’re Young”). You also are such a night person (haha get it? cause the song has the word ‘midnight’ in it?), and you spend your nights going out and doing some crazy and borderline dangerous things. You are seem just a bit nostalgic, and you always think about all the fun you had pre-Covid days.

Drag Me Down

If you like “Drag Me Down”, you are a POWERFUL person. You don’t take any B.S. from anyone, and you are so confident in yourself that it radiates off of you. You are such a badass, which intimidates some people, but your closest friends know who you truly are.


I HAD to include this one. First off, if your name is Olivia, you made this song your entire personality trait growing up (rightfully so). You are a chronic TikTok user, whether you found this song on there or knew it before it blew up on the app, and you are always on top of the latest trends. You are also just such a happy person always. You radiate positivity, just like this song does.


Soooo you are definitely the most nostalgic person out there. This video most likely made you SOB when it first came out, and it probably still does because if this is your fave song, you never grew out of your One Direction phase. This song makes you miss your childhood best friend and also just makes you feel so bittersweet about the past.

Night Changes

You HATE the fact that you grew up. This song made you want to grow older and be more mature, but now listening back to it, you hated it. Just like with “What Makes You Beautiful”, this music video made your expectations for romance way too high and unattainable. You are also 100% a Harry girl as well, but started out loving Zayn cause of the fancy date he brought you on in this video.

Stockholm Syndrome

Before I start, this is my favorite song, so I am about to call myself out so bad. If this is your fave song, you like toxic people. You are a bit crazy, lowkey a walking red flag, BUT you have great taste in music. This song slaps so hard–I will not be silenced, and neither should you.

Bonus: One Way or Another Cover

This video IS SO ICONIC, and so are you. You love covers of famous songs, and this one is simply perfection. You definitely love to travel and play your favorite song on repeat because of how catchy it is. You are also just such a fun person, and you constantly are dancing (bonus points if you recreate their iconic dance from this music video… if you know, you know)

I hope you enjoyed learning more about yourself with One Direction! No matter how old we get, we are going to be Directioners for life!



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