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What Went Down With the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette?!

Most of us had been patiently waiting throughout the whole month of October for Youtuber Shane Dawson and his partner-in-makeup-crime Jeffree Star to release their series on the beauty industry, and the process of creating the makeup line including the famous Conspiracy palette everyone has been buzzing about. Taking seven months to film, Shane and his camera man Andrew Siwicki were around-the-clock editing non-stop to get this series where it is today. With more than 90 million views in total for the inside scoop of the beauty world, these two caused quite a stir. 

Anticipating what was to come, Shane and Jeffree had released little by little what was going to be in the launch. In total, there were two eyeshadow palettes, the main one being the Conspiracy palette and the other mini palette named Mini Controversy, as well as a collection of lipstick shades and accessories. The build up of the launch for said collection (that was set for November 1st at 1pm EST) had everyone glued to their computers for hours, waiting to have the chance to get this highly demanded collection. When it came down to it, many things happened on that day that brought more than enough drama.

The documentary series that had been promoting the Conspiracy palette for weeks was so popular that when the time came for the launch, fans BROKE Jeffree’s website, leaving many to head over to Mophe.com, selling out their units within half an hour. Twitter was blown up with tweets by upset fans who were confused on why their orders wouldn’t process. With Jeffree Star stating in his tweet that his team was working around the clock to fix everything and that Shane was curled up into a ball a “crying mess,” customers were anxious to see who would be the lucky ones to be able to purchase these products.

One million palettes later, everything was sold out once Jeffree’s website was up and running. In a tweet Jeffree wrote, “I can confirm now that every single unit of the #ConspiracyPalette has sold out! I’m so proud of you Shane Dawson!!! The website issues have us devastated but thank you all for being patient!!” Many were devastated to have not received this highly anticipated palette, but on Jeffree’s Snapchat story, he took to say how SHOOK him, Shane, and his team were on how much foot traffic the palette brought. Not only was it the 1 million conspiracy palettes that were bought worldwide, but there was also a pre-order that was set for November 5 that sold out quicker than one of Shane’s documentary videos. While posts of the beauty community trying out the makeup line have surfaced, many will have to wait until 2020 to get this highly anticipated palette and more. 

Now that just leaves one last thing… how will Shane Dawson end his series? We already know that him and Andrew have been hard at work for the final episode, but some have wondered why certain events that were shown in the trailer haven’t been addressed yet in his series. And to this I am referencing to the James Charles and Tati Westbrook scandal a couple months ago. Many fans have wondered why that video hasn’t come out yet, and Shane responded. In his recent live instagram video he mentioned how things change when working on a project and how it may not always turn out how you think they will in the end. He feels as if maybe that drama has moved on and it may not be necessary to address it again.

This whole series has been a huge rollercoaster ride with seeing how everything has played out so far, but I personally can’t wait to see (as a HUGE Shane Dawson fan) how he wraps up all his hard work into one video. 

HCXO, Valentina

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