What to Watch This Fall

What to Watch? 

(Netflix Addition)


If you’re anything like me, sometimes you watch Netflix to provide an escape from a day packed-full of classes, work, and more work. If you’re in a bit of a rut and are in-between shows, I made a list of series and Netflix originals that are good for rainy days and lazy days!


1: Gossip Girl


This show is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a documentation of the wealthy lives of teens trying to survive through relationship turmoil and friendship drama. Despite the rich atmosphere of the Upper East Side of New York City being hard to relate to (at least for me), the show does provide a bit of comfort to know that all girls (no matter what status, school, family, or villa you come from) experience friend, family, and relationship drama. Most importantly: the show reminds us that not all things are as glamorous as we first perceived them to be.


This show definitely provides insight, and can help you see that sometimes you just need the help from your BFF to get through whatever life throws at you. 



2: The Office


I wanted to watch The Office because there were so many references to this show that I wanted to finally understand. The nine season was worth being in-the-know with all the memes and social media posts out there! It has humor, love, and provides an escape from our stressful lives to the stressful lives of the Dunder Mifflin employees. It you’re ever having an off-day, or need a bit of a pick-me-up, I definitely recommend watching this comedic show!



3: Grey’s Anatomy 


I don’t think this show needs much of an introduction; it seems to be pretty popular amongst every age group. However, in case you do need a reason to watch this drama, here it is! Grey’s Anatomy offers insight to the stressful, dramatic, and (sometimes) comedic lives of doctors. Whether the show accurately portrays what the hospital setting is like or not, the show is definitely worth binge-watching on a rainy day! The love and the hate, the sadness and the joy, all shared by the group of doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital make you feel apart of their family. Despite the many tears this show will make you shed, I definitely recommend putting it on your list!

4: Friends

This show is, and will always be, my all time favorite! I know I said that about all of them, but Friends definitely outranks them all (sorry!). I can watch this at any time, anywhere, and no matter my mood. This show is funny, breaks the societal barriers experienced during the time, and shows that your closest friends are your family. The characters are relatable, and I will always defend them (no matter how much Ross can annoy me from time-to-time). 



5: New Girl


You may see a trend in series here, but I love TV show comedies that center around a group of friends! They can be more relatable, and New Girl is no exception. Jessica Day (portrayed by actress Zooey Deschanel) exerts optimism I can only hope to achieve in my life (maybe after three cups of coffee). After an unexpected breakup, she moves into an apartment with three other guys. Despite the shocking and usually unconventional living situation, they become really good friends that proves guys and girls can live together and still remain in a platonic relationship. They’re friendship is adorable, and they get in some tight situations that always take a comedic turn! I love this show after I’ve experienced a longday. 


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