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What Taylor Swift Album are you Based on your Zodiac Sign?

Find out which Taylor song you should vibe to right now based on your zodiac sign!

Aries and Scorpio: Reputation

Aries gives all the fiery energy, and Reputation does too. My personal faves are Don't Blame Me, Getaway Car, and New Year's Day. This album is the perfect mix between confident and emotional, just like Aries! Scorpio, you and Aries have that same intensity, but you like to be in charge. Reputation does too. Go scream those lyrics at the top of your lungs (but in a mysterious way of course)!

Taurus: Speak Now

Taurus are the most loyal and chill of the zodiacs, which is why Speak Now is perfect for them. Taurus, it's time to put on a face mask and sing Back to December into your hairbrush. 

Capricorn and Gemini: 1989

Gemini, you are the entire package, and so is this album.1989 serves you heartbreak and mystery, just like Gemini's. From I Know Places, to Shake It Off, Gemini is bound to have a great time listening to this album. Capricorn can be shy and analytical, which is why Out of the Woods is a great song for y'all!

Cancer: Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Cancer, you're a classic, and so is Fearless. Taylor's rerecordings of Fearless are giving us nostalgia, just like you Cancer! Cancers are sweet, emotional, and grounded. Between Mr. Perfectly Fine, Fifteen, and The Way I Loved You, Cancer will feel it all!

Leo: Lover

Leo, you are full of charm, just like Lover. Between Cruel Summer, You Need to Calm Down, and The Archer, you're a classic!

Virgo: Evermore

Virgos are mysterious and intense, but also practical. Evermore has that sense of mystery with No Body No Crime, but she can also give you great advice in Champagne Problems and Right Where You Left Me. 

Libra and Sagittarius: Red

Libra's scream flirtiness and beauty, and Red has got us covered on that end. Starlight and All Too Well are perfect for you Libra! Sag- your fiery energy and ability to converse goes perfect with Red and 22!

Pisces and Aquarius: Folklore

Folklore is a classic story, and so are Pisces and Aquarius. Pisces love fantasy and romance, and wallowing in sadness, and they should listen to The 1 and August. Aquarius have that individuality spark to them, just like Betty and Illicit Affairs!

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Hannah Mader

Millersville '21

Hi! I'm Hannah, I am a senior Speech Communications major with an option in Public Relations. I grew up in Lancaster PA, and spent my first year of college at New York University before transferring to Millersville. I am obsessed with astrology!
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