What I've Been Up To In Quarantine

Simply put, I've been bored since the quarantine. My mom is considered an essential worker during this pandemic, and she's already had an exposure scare. So, I've been in self-isolation since March 16. I got furloughed from work and school has been online, but my days still aren't completely full. I've taken this quarantine to try and do things I've always wanted to try or to take the time to better my skills in some hobbies. While things may be scary and this is a high-anxiety time, here are some things I've been doing while in quarantine to keep myself busy and take my mind off the negativity.

  1. 1. Gardening

    My mom brought home a mini greenhouse and some seeds to start a garden. All you have to do is read the instructions on the greenhouse and plant whatever kind of seeds you want. This year we're going to grow tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, and cabbage. This is a great way to save some money on food costs and to promote a healthier life!

  2. 2. Puzzles

    I've put together about five puzzles during my quarantine. I was even able to trade puzzles with my friend who also needed some things to do. Puzzles are super fun and you can even keep them for some beautiful wall art.

  3. 3. Cleaning out my Closet

    I spent an entire day cleaning out my closet. Since I had to move back home because of my college switching online, I essentially had double the amount of clothes I needed. I just took out what I haven't worn for a while and will donate everything once donation centers open up again.

  4. 4. Watching New Shows

    A fuzzy screen in the back ground might say "netflix" but the image's selective focus is on a mug of some sort.

    This one is probably a given for most people. A lot of my free time has been full of watching Netflix. My current favorite things to watch are "Criminal Minds," "Parks and Rec," and "Tiger King!"

  5. 5. Spending Time Outside

    summer girl hawaii yoga hiking exercise view high res version

    I'm lucky to have a backyard because that means I'm able to spend a lot of time outside without having to worry about social distancing. Sometimes, I just go out and sit with a book or even my homework. The sun is an excellent source of Vitamin D, which we all desperately need right now.

Being in quarantine doesn't have to be boring. This is a great opportunity to try that hobby you've always wanted to try or to spend some extra time on self-care. I know it's hard not being to see friends or family, but think about all those you are saving by staying inside. The sooner everyone complies with social distancing rules, the sooner this will be over.

HCXO, Jenna