What I Learned From My Freshman Year

1. Take advantage of the events and free goodies

When else in your life are you going to be constantly surrounded by a large variety of events with free food and shirts? Throughout the year my campus had so many free events whether I’d be cultural events, dance shows or guest speakers. Not to mention the sports games, even if your school isn’t too big on sports it’s a part of the whole college experience


2. Roommate troubles are going to happen

You’re either going to become best friends with your roommate or you’re going to become enemies. Chances are you’ll go into it with a random or someone you met through Facebook, but just because you met them beforehand doesn’t guarantee you’ll get along. Living with someone brand new isn’t easy and you’re bound to get into arguments and get annoyed, so don’t set your expectations too high. 


3. Research Future Professors

We’ve all heard of ratemyprofessor.com and well if you haven’t, it’s an online website for students to rate their professors and leave reviews for future students that may have them. The reviews are mostly accurate, straight to the point, and honest. Save yourself a horrible semester by taking a few minutes to just research the professor who may make or break that gpa of yours. 


4. Call Home

It’s hard not to get wrapped up with hanging with friends and studying and extracurriculars, but it’s important to not forget the ones back home who helped get you there. Even if it’s just a short check-in conversation here in there, they’ll appreciate knowing you took the time out of your day to call them and fill them in on how school is going.


5. It’s OK not making friends right away

I was a lucky one and made friends straight out of the first week of school from my orientation group, but not everyone is as lucky. I know some other people who weren’t so lucky and struggled with it. I even knew some who were going to transfer because they felt like they were never going to make friends, but it’s worth sticking it out. You never know when you’ll make a group of friends all through just knowing the same mutual person.  Don’t freak out if you don’t find a solid group of friends your freshmen year, you still have time.


6. Take your classes seriously

It’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to go to class when your off on your own for the first time with no guidance or extra push from those parents. But I’d advise you that no matter how easy you may think your work is and that you can always catch up later, don’t brush it off. It leads to you getting really behind and makes work that once seemed easy, hard to finish.