What Her Carnival Means to Me

This year is our 2nd annual Her Carnival event at Millersville University. This event consists of knowledge of female history, the future for females, body positivty, and clubs that bring in knowledge from their perspective. Last year this event was a huge success and this year was even better! Her Carnival has a lot of meaning for me because I represent women's empowerment and this event allows me to fully experience that. Here are a few reasons why Her Carnival is so important to me:


1. Surrounded By Women

At Her Carnival, you are surrounded by a lot of other women who support the same causes that you do. This helps me feel empowered and strong because I know that I am not alone as a woman, and I have a huge support system behind me. When we all come together for this event, it shows that women's empowerment is an important cause and something that we should stand up for. 


2. Learning About The History

Learning about the history of important females is an important aspect of women's empowerment. If you do not know which women helped to pave the way for our success as women today, how can you say that you support the cause? This event provides me with new knowledge that allows me to appreciate those women, thank them for how they helped me, and then use their success to help me keep pushing forward in the fight. 


3. Learning How To Love Myself

A huge part of women's empowerment is learning to love the woman that you are, so you can help to lift up other women as well. At the event, I love taking time to appreciate what I love about myself so that I can use that positive energy and give it to a girl who needs the empowerment. This event helps me realize the importance of women and realize why we all need to work to encourage each other!


Her Carnival helps me to remember why female empowerment is such an important topic to talk about and gives me the knowldge and power I need to help spread the empowerment to other females as well!


HCXO, Lexie