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What Happens To The Other 364 Days of The Year? How To Celebrate Earth Day Year Round

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Millersville chapter.

So you might have celebrated Earth Day a few days ago, and I am sure that many of you spent the day doing things outside and enjoying nature. I too enjoy the beauty of nature every single day. I love celebrating Earth Day because I love this planet and I love getting to spread my enthusiasm for the great outdoors. While celebrating the Earth on this day is wonderful, what happens to the Earth for the other 364 days when many people dont think twice about the planet? Below are a few ways to extend your celebration of the planet throughout the entire year and help to keep this planet beautiful.

1. Refuse plastic straws

This is a super easy and inexpensive way to help keep the planet cleaner. Simply purchase a metal, rubber, or bamboo straw and use them at home and at restaurants. A straw seems so simple, but if everyone started using an alternate straw we would remove so much plastic from our landfills. Also try using reusable cups when possible as well!

2. Thrift your clothes

Clothing is something that people outgrow pretty fast. Instead, try donating your clothes when you are finished wearing them, instead of throwing them away. Also try to buy clothes at thrifts stores when possible. 

3. Eat vegeratian when possible

One single pound of beef produced uses 2,500 gallons of water to produce!! That is SO much water just for one pound! Instead try to eat vegetarian meals as much as possible to avoid using so much water waste.

4. Let your laundry air dry

Purchase a clothes rack and let your clothes air dry, instead of putting them in a dryer. Dryers use SO much energy to run and you could help save a lot of it by air drying your clothing. 

5. Recycle!!

This is such an obvious way to help save the planet yet I see so many people throwing plastic away in the trash! Start putting your plastic and other recyclable materials in the recycling can, you will do the planet a favor! Look at your local waste mamagment website to see what kinds of materials your area recycles.


While I write about all of these ways to help save our planet, I too mess up sometimes. Being perfect 100% of the time is nearly impossible, but incoorporating as many ecofriendly lifestyle habits into your daily life will help to do your part in protecting the wonderful outdoors. I hope that Earth Day inspires you to get outside and appreciate the beautiful planet that we have. 




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