Ways To De-Stress This Spring!

We’re coming to that point in the semester where due dates and deadlines are quickly approaching (even though you swore you still had another month in between March and April) and finals seem to be just around the corner. Here’s a list of things to do when the deadlines are causing way too much stress and you could need a break in between studying and working hard!



Coloring (whether in a kid’s coloring book or in an adult coloring book) can relax your mind by taking your focus away from something stressful to something fun! And, with this nice weather finally arriving, try coloring outside and enjoy the sun!

Take a Nap.

Whether it’s for half an hour or for two, you deserve the mental break!

Go get lunch with a friend!

Take a break from a hard day’s work by leaving your room and taking a lunch break! This could refresh the brain while having fun with a friend.

Watch your favorite TV show.

Whether it’s something comedic or dramatic, watch something you enjoy. But, beware, it’s easy to get caught up in the show – don’t forget to go back to studying after an episode is over! 

Read a book!

Reading a book can be a way to relax in between studying. This method is just as dangerous as the one above it: it’s easy to get caught up in reading rather than remembering to go back to studying! 

Work out.

While this may seem more challenging to motivate yourself for, taking a quick walk or hitting the gym could definitely help your body destress after a hard day’s work.


All gifs courtesy of Giphy.com.