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General Info

Age: 19

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Hometown: Springield, Pa

Year: Class of 2017

Major: Government and Political Affairs

Minor: Spanish

Campus Activities: Swimming, Bible Study, and I’m joining Student Senate in the near future.

Other Hobbies: Anything outdoors and making lots of friends.



Favorite thing about Millersville: The people. I love the people!

Favorite Food: Any type of pasta will please me but I’m a ravioli girl.

Favorite TV show: It’s a three way tie between “Family Guy”, “The Vampie Diaries” and “Being Human.”

Favorite Music Artist: Jason Aldean

Favorite Color: Pink!

The Future

What’s your dream job? To be an ambassador.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I see myself with a family, working in Germany or Spain as an ambassador.

What’s something you’d like to do before you graduate? Jump in the pond!


What’s a funny story your friends can tell about you? One time at swimming practice I tried to be show off and jump out of the pool but instead I found myself back flopping in front of everyone back into the pool. My coaches and my team were laughing at me.

Biggest pet peeve: When people ask to try flavors in a line at an ice cream/water ice place. It’s annoying! Like just pick a flavor, please!

Biggest fear: Balloons.

What is something someone would be surprised to know about you? I was shy in high school.

Do you have any special talents? I can touch my tongue to my nose and I can make my tongue a three leaf clover shape!

What’s something you wish you could do? I wish I could fly!

Just Because

Coke or Pepsi: Coke! Duh!

Which superhero would you be and why? I want to be Violet from The Incedibles because who wouldnt want to be invisible?! You can be a fly on the wall!

Where do you think is the best place to eat on campus? The Galley.

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Rachel Umile


I am an English Secondary Education major. Whenever I have free time you can usually find me spending time with my friends. I am currently in the process of becoming a member of Delta Zeta. My favorite food is a tie between chicken fingers and macaroni & cheese. Whenever I need time to relax and just have some time to myself, I usually either watch some television or curl up with a good book. I love television and love watching all sorts of different shows but if I had to list my favorite shows they would be pretty little liars, teen wolf, and friends. I also love to bake. I am a dreamer. I dream that one day I will be the author of a best selling novel and I want to spend a summer in Europe visiting all the different countries. I am from Feasterville Trevose PA and I am a freshman at Millersville University.
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