Valentina: A Shining Star

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Valentina! Valentina is such a beautiful sweet soul and I could have talked to her for hours! Valentina is a freshman here at Millersville studying media broadcasting, is involved in MUTV, and obviously Her Campus!  She was born in New Jersey then moved to Lancaster PA, and has been living here for 15 years. Although Valentina is from New Jersey her family is from Colombia. When she talked about her family you could tell that was a really important aspect of her life.

While talking about her family, she told me about how she would feel a disconnect from her family, being that everyone else in her family was from Columbia except her. She realized this disconnect when her uncle said something along the lines of, “You're the only baby whose diaper I haven't changed.” That was the moment she realized she was a little different. She mentions how a big part of her life was struggling with what's “home” to her. Her friends were a big help and felt like family to her because of the slight disconnect with her actual family. Although she isn’t from Colombia, trips to Colombia and the relationship she has with her family helps her accept that she is part of her family no matter what!


Another aspect of Valentina is she likes to sew and is very crafty! She even made her prom dress! She mentions that her parents always told her she got her craftiness from her grandmother. Although she never met her she feels a spiritual connection with her, and even mentions that if they met, they would be talking at the dinner table for hours!


We then switched gears and I asked Valentina about her college life. She talks about how she was scared at first but Millersville gave her the chance to live her life! Like myself she mentions she no longer feels like she has to be anybody but herself! 


I then asked Valentina what she wants to do in the future and she said, “I really want to go to New York or Los Angeles to work at Buzzfeed or a company like that as a video producer! I want to inspire people through my work! Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always loved watching people on YouTube and how they connect with others, it’s so amazing and I want to do that.”  As you can see, Valentina is a girl with big dreams and aspirations, and just by talking to her I could tell she would achieve them! Valentina wants to be known as “a girl who learned from her mistakes and learned to help others with theirs!”


Lastly, the most important question I asked Valentina was… what is your favorite fruit? Her favorite fruit is *drum roll* Grapefruit! She likes grapefruit because it’s fun to say in French, pamplemousse!  She can speak English, Spanish and French! I loved chatting with Valentina and learning so much about her! 


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HCXO, Alanna