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With the New Year just starting, I felt it to be appropriate to think outside the box and give a new definition to “New Years Resolution”. Instead of focusing on goals you want to achieve, I thought of changes to help make the year better. Join me as i brainstorm the changes I want to make!

Celebrate Your Wins

Achieving goals and winning in things you enjoy is something to appreciate. CELEBRATE IT! Not everyone wins at everything in life. Celebrating it will boost your ego, make you feel better, motivate you, and give you excitement. Good job girl, keep going!

Take a Break from Social Media

Social media is a great form of communication and involvement with the society. However, sometimes it is a good idea to take some time away from it. Do not devote your life to the internet. Use that time to find yourself and do what you enjoy. Stressful week?- Do yoga!

Find a Space Away from Home and Work

“Church and State” is just like “Home and Work”. Not only is it important to have a work-life balance, but it is important to have that personal time for just yourself. Take a night out with the girls. Go do something crazy. You’re young. You’re beautiful. ENJOY IT!

Face Your Fears

Everyone has a fear of something, but it is how you overcome that fear which helps to make you a strong independent person. Never let fears hold you back from your desires. Use your fears are motivation to achieve more in life. 

Appreciate the Beauty in Life

Life is beautiful when you learn how to love it! You never know what tomorrow holds, so learn to enjoy the little things in life and be WILD! Capture those moments. Journal. Blog. Make a scrapbook. Beautiful moments will never go unseen.

Make Goals (Short Term and Long Term)

Goals are important to have in life. They help to push you harder and give you momentum to achieve the things you hope to reach. Both short term and long term goals are important in life. *Note: writing down your goals increase your chances of succeeding at them*

I hope you had a great start to 2021. I intend to work on all these changes to become a better version of myself and to love and appreciate this year and the world. 

Catch you next time!

HCXO, Kate

Kate Steinhilber

Millersville '21

Hey! My name is Kate Steinhilber. I am a senior at Millersville University majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and minoring in strategic public relations. I am always staying active in writing, as well as my athletic side. I am extremely family orientated, thus my family are my best friends. I love to blog/journal, so stay tuned to see what I have hidden up my sleeve! Visit my Facebook (Kaitlyn Steinhilber) to get a better look at my life! Cant wait to write with you :)
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