Underrated Lady Gaga Songs

Everyone who has ever talked to me knows that I live and breathe Lady Gaga, at all times. So, I know that all her songs are bops. Here are the songs that I think are underrated and need to be heard. 

  1. 1. John Wayne - Joanne

    I will get down to this song, it will forever be a bop, I’ll defend it til the end of time. It has everything anyone would need, it has an upbeat tempo, it mentions horses and cowboys for the country fans out there. It’s perfect.

  2. 2. G.U.Y - ARTPOP

    The entire ARTPOP album is underrated but this song? Iconic. The music video? Iconic. Seeing it live? Iconic. If you need a new song to add to your party playlist, this is it.

  3. 3. Come to Mama - Joanne

    This album is also underrated but this song is so fun and gives a good message. Her vocals are killer in this song and it’s a great one to play when you need something to uplift you. 

  4. 4. Dance In The Dark - The Fame Monster

    This song is always a fave of mine, it doesn’t get the hype it deserves. It’s perfect for anyone, it has an 80s ish feel and it just bops!

  5. 5. Summer Boy - The Fame

    Summer Boy is the ultimate summer song, it gives off a carefree vibe and gives you motivation to do whatever makes you happy. 

  6. 6. Venus - ARTPOP

    If you liked Sailor Moon as a kid, you’ll like this song. Just listen to it, trust me.


  7. 7. Sinner’s Prayer - Joanne

    This song also has something for everyone. It has a country vibe but also pop fans can rock to it. Also, like all her songs, her voice is AMAZING in it. 

  8. 8. Scheiße - Born This Way

    This is definitely one of my favorite songs of hers. It is a women power song but also says a curse word in a different language. What else do you need from a song??? 

  9. 9. Marry the Night - Born This Way

    You may argue that this isn’t underrated because it has a music video that is like 20 minutes long, but no one hypes it up like it should be hyped! It is such a beautiful song and truly makes you want to marry the night.

  10. 10. Judas - Born This Way

    Again, this song has a music video so it isn’t that underrated but fans don’t give it enough credit. Especially since she released the music video and song on EASTER SUNDAY.  AND they were all in a biker gang?? Like how much more BA do you have to be? 

In conclusion, I love these Gaga songs and you can love them with me by listening to them all here.

HCXO, Erika