TS7 Is Coming & Only Real Swifites Are Crazy Enough To Realize It

Taylor Swift’s loyal band of crazy fans, affectionately called “Swifties”, are deemed some of the loudest and proudest out there. It’s also known that true Swifties know when an album-sized storm is approaching.

Taylor has slowly started posting frequently to social media again, mainly on Instagram, after her 2017 hiatus in preparation for her sixth studio album, Reputation. Now she’s posting cryptic photos and captions that have Swifties in an uproar.

Let’s take a look at the trail Taylor has left for us:


She dropped the first hint at the AMA’s back in October.

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During her acceptance speech for Favourite Pop/Rock Album at the American Music Awards in October, Taylor used her gift of ambiguity to tease fans about a new album, stating, “Guys, I always look at albums as chapters in my life. And I'm so—to the fans, I'm so happy that you like this one. I'm so happy that this means that you like this one. But I have to be really honest with you about something. I'm even more excited about the next chapter.”


The Instagram post picturing stars and palm trees.

Since Red, Taylor has become famous for beginning sneaky and subtle promotions for her albums. 1989 and Reputation both saw some serious campaigning on social media, and #TS7 seems to be continuing the trend.

The first clue was this mysterious image of palm trees and, what are seeming photoshopped stars. Why are palm trees and stars so important? Well. Let me explain.

Image courtesy of Instagram

On the left of the image, there are 4 trees, while the right has 2 trees. These are possibly symbolizing Taylor’s past and present - 4 country albums and 2 pop albums. The second clue within this one is the caption - 7 palm tree emoji’s = 7th album? This may seem a bit crazy, but from previous album campaigns, Swifties know every single aspect of an Instagram post from Tay is intentional.

The photo also features 61 stars. Not a big deal… but 60 to 61 days from now lands us in April. Given that 61 days from now would be Friday (a normal single release day for Tay) April 26, it is not crazy (to Swifties anyway) that Taylor literally wrote the release of her new single in the stars.


Her next post was suspicious as well.

Not only is Tay looking fine as f*** in this photo posted on Feb. 24, but she is also sitting on the sixth step up… and seventh step down. #TS7confirmed.

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Elle UK Cover.

Could Taylor’s slow return to the public-eye be another clue she is about to drop an album? She recently was featured on the cover of Elle UK and wrote an article for the issue about her songwriting process and why she writes what she does. She emphasized the need in herself to preserve feelings in lyrics and melody. Swifties can’t help but wonder if there will be more preservation coming this year.  

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Taylor continues her silence currently, only leaving us an adorable photo of her cat, Olivia, captioned “she just read all the theories.”

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Call it what you want, but something big is coming. Are you ready for it?