Top 5 Songs Off Post Malone's New Album

Post Malone recently blessed the world with his new album, Hollywood's Bleeding. All the songs are AMAZING, so choosing just the top 5 was hard but I did it! Enjoy!

  1. 1. Circles

    "Circles" was one of the singles dropped before the album. I love the calming sound, and how he depicts that no matter how far you run you're still gonna run around in circles.

  2. 2. Take What You Want

    First off, Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone, and Travis Scott was the collab I didn't know I needed. The rock elements and intense emotions coming from Malone is why this song made top 5.

  3. 3. Internet

    This song is underrated because no one talks about it! Malone basically talks about how he doesn't feel the need to go on the internet anymore because "The world's gone to sh*t." I feel like this is something most people feel, but don't talk about it.

  4. 4. I'm Gonna Be

    "I'm Gonna Be" is my new anthem! The entire song is about doing whatever you want and not caring about what other people think. The catchy beat and feel-good lyrics are why this song is number 4!

  5. 5. A Thousand Bad Times

    I have probably listened to this song 100 times! Malone sings about how he has been through so much that nothing else phases him. Whenever things get hard, this is my go-to song because of the amazing message that no matter what, "I can take anything that you give me!"

Picking just 5 off of this masterpiece of an album was so hard, but I hope you all enjoyed, and if you haven't listened to it yet...stop everything and put your headphones in!